Pleasure or enterprise?What do you prefer?

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I have asked myself this question several times, surely you have too, or not?, and it is that most people want fast results in business, as well as in the movies. But the reality is that you have to have patience to do any business. And I don't just mean when you open a traditional business (bakery, restaurant, pharmacy, etc), but even when you talk about online business.

The reality is that many of the businesses they open will not be able to sustain over time, for various reasons, poor location, high cost of local leases, regional or local economic crisis, or global as in the case of the pandemic. The truth is that many factors make the possibility that a business may stagnate or simply never finish growing. And it can be frustrating, since most people have a vision of what they want to achieve in a few months or years when they start, but it happens that some want quick results, and don't consider that a business can require years of work, with long hours of permanence, at least while they manage to form a work team that can be trusted.

That's where the question comes in: "Pleasure or entrepreneurship?



Because we have to recognize that generally any activity in which we have hopes and we want it to go well, we have to dedicate a lot of time and this implies sacrifices, many, leaving the pleasure of some trips, parties, among other things aside, to face the challenge of making your enterprise grow, Isn't it?.

Perhaps that is why many people prefer a job as a laborer or employee, where they receive their pay fortnightly or monthly, and thus manage to be calm, comfortably unhappy, but without business concerns. In addition to that, academic training has been created for that, to form people who work for others...

Everything has its nuances, I am not saying that some path is easy, but the reality is that many do not want to sacrifice their pleasures to carry out some enterprise, and I am not only referring to undertake in traditional businesses, because an online business also requires an enormous effort to start it up, and even if you want to dedicate yourself independently to trading, for example, seeing it as a business, you must dedicate many hours to learning, for sure it can take you months to achieve a good performance, which generally you must alternate with other activities that generate a livelihood while you learn, and it usually happens that they are efforts that not everyone wants to make.

So, everything in the end depends on us, it is a matter of making decisions that we consider convenient, and part of what we want in our lives.

Have a good half week.


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You've raised salient point that anyone in business should reflect on. Our decisions are very crucial towards achieving success in business.

I totally agree @uyobong
What one decides is what defines our future.
Thank you for commenting.

It is seriously not easy to build a business from scratch like the phase I am currently facing in my business is not a funny one even if I have to force a smile on my face from time to time, but it is only better to keep pushing and striving hard for success.

No, it is not, I have some experiences, some turned out very well, others not so well, but, I know that it is not easy. However, it is something worthwhile.
Thank you for commenting.

It is difficult, sometimes need forces you to take a job that you do not want and then it is difficult to leave it for the same economic need, I worked for 10 years in a very large company today I feel it was a mistake, although they paid very well I think Time is the most valuable asset we have as human beings and it is better to invest our time in something in the future, in something that we like, in something that we are passionate about

Yes, I've also lost some time on some things. And what you say about economic need is also very true.
I'm currently doing something that I don't really like, but it's what gives me stability. At the same time I continue to look for other options, but like everything, it requires a great effort to move forward.

The first thing we must do is to be sure and see all the positive and negative aspects, make a foda analysis where we capture both threats, vulnerability strengths, and opportunities when undertaking a good business, no principle is easy but not impossible with much faith and conviction to achieve our objectives. Thank you for sharing this important information.

Nothing starting is easy, of course not.
But perseverance is what finally allows it to be done. To be clear about everything we have for and against is crucial, without a doubt.
Thank you for commenting.

Some of my friends have said they can never become business owners since that will make them forego weekend parties at the beginning of the business and they are not willing to make that sacrifice at all but at the end of the day we are all entitled to our personal opinion.

Such an interesting article thanks for enlightening me @joseves217

Certainly when starting a business there are many mixed feelings, it is exciting and at the same time can be frustrating because we want to see results quickly, and we don't, not until you achieve a certain stability. But if we keep the vision and are passionate about the business, it will be an exciting and learning journey

It is rather convenient and easy to choose the pleasurable path but a deeper thought will help us choose a path that is much more rewarding even if it might be a more difficult path.

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