Age of remote work, new professional and personal requirements

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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. I want to share with you something I have heard recently, and it is the following phrase: "we are in the era of Remote work ", I had not thought about it, but I think yes, it is definitely so, the pandemic produced a big change in that aspect.

Last year there was a lot of talk that this could happen, but we are in this current process and some people are not aware of it. Particularly I must say that my work is completely from home, I do everything via internet, and I know of some friends who are in the same situation, so definitely this radical change in terms of work has happened, we are in that.

Globalization is even more present under this work premise. Many people became unemployed, it is a reality and I am not going to delve into that detail, but some looked for options that led them to find better opportunities than the ones they had.


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Recently I communicated with a friend in Venezuela, who I know worked in a bakery, but due to the pandemic he has been unemployed, this made him to be in a very complicated situation, but in spite of everything, being unemployed he started to look for options via internet, and luckily he found them.

He currently works with a company based in France, and is dedicated to translating publications into Spanish, he is in charge of coordinating everything that will be published on the blog. Would anyone do it? No, not really. This friend has always been a great reader, and he taught himself to speak and read English, a great tool that allows him to work in this way.



Which brings me to another thing, without a doubt it is more than necessary, and more and more necessary to be able to have command of several languages, starting with English, but if we can learn French, Italian or any other language, it will give us many more possibilities and with good remuneration in the form of remote work. To give you an idea, the minimum salary in Venezuela is about 6-7 dollars, I have friends who are practicing doctors, and when they earn well, it can be a salary of 100-200 dollars per month.

This friend that I am telling you about, who works online earns 500$ per month, that is to say, that without a doubt it is a very good income, but you have the necessary tools for it, mastery of technology, in the most basic and also mastery of another language.

He is a good example, so we all have the possibility to improve our skills, and thus have more options.

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Hi @josevas217!
Definitely this situation has led many to get the best out of themselves and develop skills they may not have known they had or risk working in other fields that perhaps for fear they had not tried. The important thing is to move forward and take advantage of opportunities as your friend did. Greetings!

That's right, many did not want to leave the comfort zone, and the pandemic led them to have to leave, some did well, others not so much, but you have to move in search of improvements.

Greetings friend @ josevas217. This situation that we are all going through, such as the pandemic, has led many of us to discover that we have skills and that we can perform differently without having to have a pattern that is directing us ourselves, we are autonomous to decide. thank you for sharing such an important topic.

Hello friend, it is certainly the new digital era, for many this pandemic was a total disaster, but others took advantage of the moment of crisis to move forward and reinvent themselves. Not bad, I think great ideas are born in moments like this. How good about your friend, we must look for other options if we want to have a better income. Greetings.

Hello friend @josevas217.

It is very true what you express, since due to the arrival of Covid-19 many things have changed, and without a doubt, one of them is related to the labor field and this in every sense, so it is important to highlight what you express.

Globalization is even more present under this work premise. Many people became unemployed, it is a reality and I am not going to delve into that detail, but some sought options that led them to find better opportunities than the ones they had.

I totally agree with you, as human beings we have to be attentive to any kind of change in order to move forward and not be left behind, and I think that here in Venezuela we who are working on these platforms are examples of such adaptation of life.

Thank you for sharing such interesting content with all of us, many successes and greetings from Venezuela.

Yes, Venezuela is a particular case of adaptation and in many cases survival, but options are sought. Here in Colombia there is also poverty, many people lost their jobs, these platforms could be a great place to have an extra income, however people do not want to try something new. it is difficult.
Thanks for commenting

Hello @josevas217, Certainly the pandemic left many people without jobs and without options, but on the other hand it also brought job options that were previously unthinkable like this great example you have cited. In conclusion, I believe that we should be open to any good option and the changes that are to come.

Things can change from one moment to the next, nothing is certain, only change, having the ability to adapt can literally save our lives, or improve us in a way that we did not even think of at the time.

@josevas217 we are truly in the era of remote work. While criticizing corona virus we should point out how it has also help to take the world to another stage and state of life. Imagine going to work just to publish before, with your phone you can easily do it at home.

The good thing is that we all have thay zeal inbuilt in us to do that remote work, it is just that some are still afraid to give it a try.

This is the era of remote work and it is here to stay.

For many, it has already become the norm, for others it is still not quite ready to adapt. Sad for them, I also believe that digital work is here to stay.

@josevas217 HI, Many people think that the presentiality of jobs is about to return with vaccines, but I am one of those who think that the world in little more than a year has taken an irreversible path.

It is likely that some jobs will resume the face-to-face model, others will be more of a hybrid, between going to work and being at home working, but yes, it is a point of irreversibility that there is now around that.

This was good and bad at the same time, many people were left without jobs and perhaps not knowing how to use a computer relatively well would make it difficult for them to get a new job

This is also true, especially for older people, who never learned to work with a computer, a few decades ago a computer was not available to everyone, unfortunately.

Greetings friend @ josevas217 Without a doubt this pandemic brought about a radical change for everyone and those changes are leaving many without jobs, but others have gotten new jobs as they are called in my country Venezuela, Remote jobs. The important thing is that you have to adapt to the circumstances and move forward and those who have mastery of other languages have more chances of success with transnational companies.
Thank you very much for your publication

Yes, the importance of mastering more than two languages at this point in the century is more noticeable.
It is necessary to learn, to have more tools, and thus to be able to advance more and faster.

I work in steem :) hehehe xd in a roundabout way p

No doubt online Jobs has increased since pandemics began last year, and more and more professionals has found a way to offer their services and products to satisfy their customers demand, but we must keep in mind that the basic rules of Market still applies to this new approach: offer and demand stablishes the price of goods and services. Why do i say this? Because many people are convinced that online jobs are an infinite gold mine and everyone involved is going to get rich instantly and that's not true. Like all jobs only the most prepared and specialized participants Will get the best salaries and income.

By saying this, preparation and specialization are the keywords to be successful.

In my first post of restarting on the platform I talked about the on-line work from the perspective of the little protection that the worker has, who is exploited and has no right to disconnect, working hours of up to 15 hours, without rest day, from Monday to Monday, 15 minutes of rest and from the wee hours of the morning, besides the fact that the working hours are paid at the price of a dollar but up to two or three dollars, something that even in the USA they do not pay like that, and you should be grateful because those companies consider that they pay very well, (to kill hunger). Legally the employee works as a slave in many cases.
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We are obviously in thr age of remote works already and that for sure we cannot even argue and like you have mentioned, increasing our knowledge in the things that will help us get better opportunities is a very good way to help us get better I streams.

There is always a brighter side to the situation and work from home has brought many opportunities but the main question is that are we ready with the resources?
There are many who have ceased these opportunities.

Ey. Quiero un trabajo como ese. Cómo lo consiguió?

Hi @reyvaj, I have already been asked that, tomorrow I think I should talk to him again, because I did not go deep into what he was doing, I know that in some telegram group he achieved that contact with someone he started to work with and then moved on to another level. Something that makes me happy.

As my dear friend @josevas217 describes it, it is time to be truly resilient and transform a concept that is sometimes used in a very superficial way, into an attitude towards life, it is time to discard stereotypes and build our realities from those things that allow us to develop as people. We are not what we study, nor what we do, we are what is within us, we are our emotions, our values, our ideas. We are made of energy and we must let ourselves flow through those ways that make us feel more and more complete and fulfilled.

Thank you very much for your advice, your selfless help and for being a real friend, greetings and a big hug!


Greetings friend @josevas217, certainly the pandemic accelerated the mode of telecommuting or telework as it is also called, many people especially people in Venezuela have seen in this way of working a hope at the end of the tunnel, and an example of this is your friend. In this type of work it is important to be able to master English, because normally the jobs you get are from companies that are abroad.

Yes, this friend really did well with this. Sure the company may pay less than what they would pay someone from Europe, but it helps a lot, especially considering the low salary they pay in these Latin American countries.

This age of remote works requires that we improve our skills and expertise if we must fit well into the space, remote work requires high intellect because it is a highly competitive stage.

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