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RE: Crypto Space BLEEDING OUT? BUCKLE UP - recent correction AIN'T OVER just yet [my personal expectations]

in Project HOPE3 years ago

What can I say? all these were mere expectations as people were already expecting a correction but you didn't come earlier. In fact most major exchanges were running contacts for people to predict when BTC will totally fit 20k. But is actually do things happen.

The little resources I had was when it was 14 k and I saw it rise up to 19 k and for back to 16.5 so technically I'm not the losing.

The truth is that everybody is responsible for their money and crypto is majorly a decision each and every person should personally take.

As for the prices, I believe this is only the beginning 2021 would actually signal a whole lot of bull.

at the end of the day YouTube videos are YouTube videos and the market will actually be the market and nobody can actually 100% say what will happen.
Trust your gut and make your own decisions yourself and thanks for sharing it was enlightening to read.

 3 years ago 

As always - I very much appreciate your comment @josediccus
Cheers buddy :)

You're welcome, 2021 will be exciting, that I know

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