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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

in Project HOPE4 years ago

Steemit has given me the opportunity to meet my great and dear friend, Piotr, for two years now. He is an entrepreneur, adventurous, innovative person, who has a lot of vision and has created this project called Hope, when it is most needed, not only for helping in the situation we (Venezuelans) live in our country but also at this time that Steemit has declined, this project gives an opportunity for many to make themselves be known and publicize the excellent material that they post and thus is able to bring back life to this social network called Steemit.

I invite you all to join Project.Hope community and become more interested in expanding your knowledge of blockchain technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as they are the fundamental basis for the new financial system of the world that is being born and will become the economic system of the future.

And in the words of my friend @achim03:

I'm happy and proud to be part of @project.hope

 4 years ago 

I only realized a moment ago that I never thanked you for this awesome and supportive comment :))

Nooo, Thank you :D

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