Everyday Is A Battle

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While you may find the term battle a little too serious for your supposed everyday life, but that's the reality of the situation. There are three stages of your day - the opening, the middle, and the ending. In more common terms - your morning, afternoon, and evening.

You may not realize but what we call a lifetime is just a summation of days. You may think that one day doesn't matter, but it does more than you realize, as it's an irrecoverable asset. You cannot relive yesterday, it's gone and gone forever. Hence, the sooner you start taking each and everyday as seriously as you should take them, you may still be wasting time.

The reason I chose the word battle is that - everyday comes with its own challenges. Everyday you have goals to achieve for the day, but these challenges are ever there to distract you and derail you from what you want to accomplish for the day. It's up to you to battle through and strong and accomplish your goals of the day

You may have realized that, when you create to-do list for a day; by the end of that day, usually you don't do all the tasks you set out to do. While you may neglect it, and say that, "It's just one day." You repeat the same cycle over and over again. A cumulation of unproductive days, leads to an unproductive life.

The battle starts in the morning. You must learn to wake up early at attack the day fiercely, so that you can achieve all your goals for the day. Note, you're first battling against yourself, but your overall goal is that after winning the battle against yourself, you'll be a better man. And when battling against other people and your competition, you'll have the edge.


Hello @greatideas!
At first I was very struck by the title of the post, as certainly the word battle can be seen as a very strong word, however like the battles every day must be lived with the utmost strength and will as it is unique and you have to make the most of it because you can no longer recover and each one is full of great blessings and opportunities. Thank you for sharing

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Indeed everyday is a battle, because you either win or lose - base on the fact that you either accomplish your tasks for the day or not. And you have to fight to make sure that you get the best out of each day. Nice piece!

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Ever since I realized that I need to start my day by making morning sacrifices, I do not take it for granted. I make effort to take advantage of both morning,afternoon and night.

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Consistency is indeed a battle, it takes conscious effort every day to fight those demons, conquer them and achieve what you have proposed to achieve.

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