Types of content: Original vs. unpublished vs. exclusive content. | How do they differ? Part II

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We continue with this series where I develop what I consider based on my own research what is the difference between original, unpublished and exclusive content. You can read the first part here.


Another day, our friend Michael Rosado, was checking his email, when he notices in his inbox an unopened email from his friend Dulce Negrin. In this message her friend, and also a professional colleague, knowing of his passion for music, informs him that a company is requesting songs for a video advertisement about their brand. The song must not last more than 1 minute, it must be in a tropical rhythm: merengue, salsa, bachata, calypso, cumbia, among others; it must be about the brand of the company in question and, most importantly: it must be exclusive for this occasion and for this company. What did this mean? That the song had to be original (composed by him), unpublished (never shown or published before) and furthermore it could never be used elsewhere without the authorization of the brand for which it was being presented. Simply put, the organizing company would own the rights to the song, whether Mr. Michael got his song selected or not.

EXCLUSIVE, A adj. That excludes or may exclude.

  1. Unique, alone, excluding anyone else.



One random Sunday, our talented friend Michael was watching a movie in his room, when he gets a call from his cousin. The latter tells him that at Steemit they created a new community to publish original content, and that they didn't ask for it to be unpublished, much less exclusive. In other words, any content he had posted on Facebook, on his Tumbrl blog or a video on Tik Tok, 3 years ago or yesterday afternoon he could upload it there without any problem. And both Michael and his cousin celebrated this fact since some projects, curators or communities only valued unpublished and even exclusive content, almost forcing users to create content from scratch. Is this a bad or negative thing? No, not at all, rather it is something positive that stimulates the creativity of an author. But, in contrast, it prevents excellent content, of equal or superior quality and value from being published on Hive just because it is not unpublished(or because some administrators, moderators or curators do not understand the difference between these terms, for them, this post).

So, the good news of this community supporting original content in its strictest meaning, was cause for celebration for Michael, who was now more joyful than the protagonist of the movie he was watching who just at that instant was kissing Scarlett Johansson's lips.

Incidentally, Michael and his cousin began to exchange opinions about that very common confusion on Hive and other platforms, leading the latter from his home to consult the dictionary and read it as if addressing those who had that confusion:

ORIGINAL adj. Pertaining to origin.

  1. Describing an artist, intellectual, etc., whose production is very personal: original painting.
    Original engraving, engraving conceived and executed by one and the same artist.
    § adj. and n. m.
  2. Describes that, especially of intellectual or artistic works, which are not a repetition, copy, translation, or imitation of others.
  3. A thing or person that serves as a model for an artist.

It was clear. I can create original content, that is to say that only I am its author or creator. And that is mine and I can publish it anywhere unless I am told otherwise. That is, if I published some photos on my Hive blog and then I want to publish those same photos in a Steemit community, but their rules tell me that I could not publish them before on another website, then I do not publish them there (in that particular community), although I can publish them on my Steemit blog. But if, for example, I want to post them on my Instagram account, I can do it without any inconvenience. The content is original, that is, of my authorship, only it is not unpublished for Instagram.


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