Types of content: Original vs. unpublished vs. exclusive content. | How do they differ? Part I

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A year ago I wrote a post about the difference between unpublished content and original content. I explained the most important differences, since both terms can be confusing.

Today I will share with you the difference between these two terms and an additional one: exclusive content. Let's read the story of Mr. Michael Rosado and how he learned to differentiate these three concepts.

Mr. Michael is in the content creation business. He writes articles, edits videos, is a photographer, sings, paints and is also a veterinary doctor, so he also publishes something about his profession from time to time. Michael, publishes his content in different traditional social networks as well as in the new ones of Web 3, some of them based on blockchain such as Hive, Memo Cash, Steemit, Blurt, 3Speak, Dtube among others.


Image by Michael Burrows en Pexels


Once, browsing through her Blurt feed she learns about a literary contest. The contest is focused on poetry dedicated to the family. Seeing the title and the theme your mind starts to remember that you have some poems over there saved about children, wife, family. And in his mind he starts to choose which one he could publish. But they have a surprise for him: one of the requirements is that it must be an unpublished poem. But Mr. Michael was not intrigued when he read that term and not because he knew what it meant, on the contrary, he did not know what an unpublished poem was. Yes friends, despite being a versed creator of content of all kinds, he was not clear what this unpublished content was, so he used his dictionary and found the following:

INÉDITO, A adj. (lat. ineditum). Not having been printed or published: unpublished poem.

  1. Describing events without known precedent: unpublished event, spectacle.

Very well, what I understood was that the poem with which I was to enter the contest could not have been published elsewhere, EVER. Neither in a book, nor in any social network, in fact, it almost could not have been recited in any radio program. It had to be written from scratch for this contest or at the very least, you had to have it saved in your notebooks or in your files on your device, but I repeat, without having been previously published anywhere. This contest would be the showcase to display that poem NOT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED, that unpublished poem.

Mr. Michael set out to write based on a brief 4-line draft he had in one of his notebooks. And so he spent the night creating that unpublished content for this contest.


About him and about original content I will write in my next post. Don't miss it.


Wonderful document that you present to us, read and reread, many need to know what you expose,
thanks for the information


I like your opinion about what you have shared very clearly, this is the best in my opinion, thank you very much

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