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Hello dear friends.

Usually we would consider that playing video games could have an adverse effect on our vision, however, a Spanish start up called WIVI Vision has developed a product based on visualization and interaction in a 3D environment that provides clinical help to specialists while the user experiences it as a game.

The product combines virtual reality, video game and visual health care. Source:

Many times the lack of early diagnosis, or none at all, is a factor that can bring many consequences in terms of vision, for example, a child who does not read fluently may not only be due to a learning problem, it could be the cause of a visual problem that, with early detection and proper treatment could be corrected.

That is why the creators of this technology company devised a better way to perform an evaluation and treatment of visual problems, its purpose is to provide a better option than the manual visual testing tools currently available, so it was based on the neural area, ie, how our brain interprets the information it receives.

This system combines software based on Artificial Intelligence, 3D and cognitive algorithms and is supported by special hardware that allows it to evaluate the capabilities of the visual system. While the user is playing or interacting with the system, it measures up to 50 parameters of five visual areas, it can focus, for example, on how the user focuses near-far, visual fatigue or blurred vision, among others, and if it finds a dysfunction, it corrects it through personalized training that the software itself designs and readjusts according to the patient's progress.

While the user performs a task in a virtual reality environment, the specialist collects the data provided by the software. Source:

It is an interesting way of making a diagnosis because the user does not even realize that it is a visual test, it is a kind of interaction with a 3D world in which the user has to complete challenges, while the analyst receives the data evaluated by the software.

According to its developers, with Wivi Vision they can address between 75% and 80% of visual dysfunctions, achieving an effectiveness of 95% of recovery in users who complete the treatment, solving their vision problems. In addition to its effectiveness rate, they also highlight the affordability of the treatment, as they state that it is much cheaper than conventional treatment. They also state that this combination of virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence has the following advantages:

  • Simultaneous measurement of different aspects related to visual health, and not one at a time.
  • Reduction of analysis and treatment time.
  • Personalization of treatment with unique 3D visualization experiences.
  • Lower treatment abandonment rate.

This innovation that combines virtual reality, AI and games has great benefits. Source:

The company started the development of the product since 2016, and since 2020 the company has been trying to respond to the needs that were derived from the pandemic, which led to more people spending more hours of exposure to computer screens, so they are implementing improvements in the product, as they claim that adults tend to assume vision problems as if they were back pains, delaying to perform a visual checkup.

This seems to be a great tool to treat the visual dysfunctions of people with technology, since some vision effects are not corrected only with glasses, conditions related to areas such as binocularity, reading and exposure to screens require visual therapies that to date are performed with manual methods and the results can be subjective, In this aspect, virtual reality has been combined with artificial intelligence to provide a personalized product that helps specialists to detect how people see the world and if they find a dysfunction, they provide a treatment to train the eye to recover its normal vision.

There is no doubt that technologies such as virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence will continue to make incredible contributions in the field of health when properly combined to provide early detection of conditions and personalized treatment linked to a unique experience.

Thanks for coming by to read friends, I hope you liked the information. See you next time.


The diversity and the way of doing, and getting results in people and children is sometimes a not so comfortable task, I had never read about this but it really is a wonderful tool for something that for others is so simple, another point for the AI.
thanks for sharing

No doubt that is another point in favor of AI, these are the positive aspects of implementing this technology in the care of people, it really is something ingenious. Greetings my friend.

Hello @emiliomoron
It is the first time I read about it, and I think it is something very important.and transcendental, practically automates the process of diagnosis and treatment, we could say that in a fun and entertaining way.
The project is really interesting.

Hi friend @josevas217, it is certainly an interesting and fun way to perform a visual test haha.

Now that's some amazing technology! I've never heard about it but thanks to your post without it I would have stayed in the dark.

I'm actually considering in having a surgery so I won't glasses anymore, it is annoying for me a student especially that I spend not less than 10hours daily so I stare at either tablets screen or books papers... I wonder how to get to use the technology though, it would be really amazing if it really works that well, I'm more like needing it at the moment!

Thanks for sharing again!

Hi @lennyblogs, I really thought it was an incredible innovation, it will be of great benefit to many people, especially children in which it is perhaps more difficult to recognize any visual dysfunction. As I read the company is Spanish and is expanding in the European market, hopefully they will be able to cover more territories in the near future.

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