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RE: Perfect example of Bitcoin MARKET MANIPULATION - how to spot and avoid it

in Project HOPE4 months ago

I expected nothing else but this.

In my little understanding of trading proceedings, when the liquidity pull is high, there is supposed to be a movement in the price at least a little fraction.

This publication just made me remember a scenario that happened some times ago at my bosses office talking about market manipulation.

I could remember he needed to buy some token and the quantity he needed was huge but he wanted to buy it at menial, all he did was to go on the market, trigger it and few minutes later, traders now came in and started dumping their token at a menial price.

I think that was what exactly what happened yesterday.

 4 months ago 

he wanted to buy it at menial,

What is menial?

Like he wanted to buy plenty with small money

Please sir I want to know if I can resume posting on ProjectHope

 4 months ago 

Can you contact me via discord first @eldecor?

Like i said i cannot access my discord pls can you help out

Like he wanted to buy plenty with small money

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