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RE: Blockchain and cybersecurity: 3 points to consider.

in Project HOPE11 months ago

Do you know how ISO 9001 standard works? Most people don't. It is behind many products in the supermarkets. Blockchain can also be a technology hidden in the background. My grandma doesn't know how bank transactions work, but still can use a bank (debit) card. But: We need user friendly blockchain solutions for all!


I think you are right, it is somewhat contradictory, the less you know the more vulnerable people it is, but in reality ordinary people do not want to know everything about the technology we use every day ... so, we do not start to find out how something works In depth, what we want is to be easy to use.

I can support the idea that things that are friendly to end users are needed, but I don't forget that users have to be educated to generate a minimum of user culture that helps avoid problems.