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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

in Project HOPE4 years ago

Dear @Crypto.Piotr / @Project.HOPE,

I'm not that well at the moment, still, it warms my heart to see this amazing project and all the effort You have been putting into it growing and coming to fruition.

Beside that, if it wasn't for this I wouldn't have met You and a few other 'missing' brothers (at least online), even with me not being the most sociable human lately and for a while now, I must say that I've learned a few things from You and all the members of the core team of the project, all amazing humans that deserve all the best, also was very cool to see the artwork made by @Sawcraz.Art on @LanzJoseG post about the team =))

With much that could be said, yet, I'll let other Steemians get to know and discover by themselves how amazing everyone behind Project HOPE are ;)

All the best,

 4 years ago 

I only realized a moment ago that I never thanked you for this awesome and supportive comment :))

No worries my friend, I'm following a lot of what have been happening around blockchain, steemit, and the world, and I know that sometimes in the midst of every notification, comment, post, some things pass us by ^^Þ

No need to thank, although it comes at a time when it is much appreciated ^^Ð

Hope everything is good with You and Yours, wish You all the best,

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