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RE: How to post in a Steemit Community - for example Project.hope

in Project HOPE11 months ago

It's me again @amaterasusolar

I've just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

I would need to ask you for little favour. Recently I've decided to join small contest called "Community of the week" and I desribed our project.hope hive/community. Would you mind helping me out and RESTEEM this post - just to get some extra exposure? Your valuable comment would be also appreciated.

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr


Humbly, I am unclear what Your community is all about.  It seems focused on many good things...and a couple I work to eliminate.  I know that My efforts to remove the accounting for Our energy completely on Our planet is initially difficult to comprehend for Ones whose lives have been devoted to gaining accounting tokens (money), but when You look at the benefits for Humanity - all of Us able to live as richly as We choose with no need to spend the time pursuing tokens, but rather the things We love to do - the importance of My work becomes clear.

Perhaps if You can offer the advantages of Your community, I will help promote it.  [smile]