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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

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Hi @intellihandling

Would you mind sharing with me in what way is coronavirus affecting your business? It's obvious to me that most of people around the world will be affected one way or another. And many businesses will fail.

I for example co-own an online store where we sell laptop and phone accessories. All made in china. Soon we will have nothing left for sale :/

I wonder what's your business and how is it affected?



Dear Piotr, i started a quite big business in China in a chemical factory near by Vietnam, but now all is holded and my work cannot be completed and of course got my money back.
Now i am in Italy and i am looking for some work to survive, but now the situation here is going worse, thats why i am so concerned about this virus, thats why i made this post:

 4 years ago 

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble buddy

I'm also suffering like crazy. I'm co-owning 3 small online shops selling laptop accessories and it's all made in china. Shit times ahead

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