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RE: Crypto Space BLEEDING OUT? BUCKLE UP - recent correction AIN'T OVER just yet [my personal expectations]

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Hi @crypto.piotr
I like to reflect on this topic not only from the scientific point of view but also the escatological and epistimological aspect.
This will give me more space for my analyze and will let me understand that what is happening is an important part of the truth that is unfolding in front of our very eyes and we are witnesses of a big change with in the process of time and creation and history.

Just before yesterday i watched an interview with a founder of hive and the topic was the recent bitcoin phenomen of rise and fall.
Interesting that one topic was that the Institutions who control the paper money fear to be overrunned by the crypto and that they will do everything possible to get control of it before it is to late for them, means to much individuals is growing in "power" or independence.

We created the virtual reality according to the picture of this world what we are living in. Everything in the net is like in the real world.
And who is lucky to have wittnessed the appearance of the material manifestation of the internet (futureshock) and the possibility of physical access into the net will say yes, if i say that like in the real world, when the modern west was established and started to form all chances and all possibillities where open to everyone it was just depending of somebodys knowlegde about the thing how much power someone will get in small time.
The developers where working on ways of interfaces and more structure in order to cause traffic and with the traffic comes the business.
I am lucky i am born 1971.
One of the jounger examples is the goldrush.
I say that what happened during the Gold Rush and brought to anybody riches suddenly of course with greater suffering but things depend naturally on evolution, to day one have to suffer spiritually to get the same from the virtual world in the hope to transfer the gained into the present world and fullfill with it one selfs dream.
Forcelabour start to vanish more and more so control on the masses is getting out of hand
I do not think this kind of currency (crypto) is going to vanish but it is that someone start to put his hand in play, the same someone who brought similar changes which led to enslavement and poverty in everywhere.
After the infrastructure of the crypto seems to be well established and thanks to all developers starts to be accessable to anybody in the world, we see in this moment history repeating itself again and we might be wittnesses of an event that was prophecised 1400 years ago by the prophet Mohammed sas and 2000 years ago by Jesus as, he, Jesus was the one who drove the moneylenders out of the temple.
Just to understand those who put their hand in play, nothing has changed !
It will not be a change of crypto in my view but there will be a kind of new crypto or someone take control of an existing one in order to force all the others under him.
Thats now the task for crypto experts and traiders with insight to figure out the intentions and the goals in accordance with the worldwide political situation, and we focus in this case just on global politics, because the topic is "who will rule the world", you will might see and find out how this surely coming take over will take place, it is a long time existing plan.
And what nobody want to believe is the fact that soon there will be no paper money. [hygenical dictatorship orders it in order to reduce infection risks ?!]
As to say i respect a secular view on things, but after good 50 years of life experience i say, that who not see a spiritual world now, he will never see it.
May God the creator protect all of us of what we not know and what we not see, because he sees everything, and he gave permission for some time.
This is my personal view on things and it is part of my reality.
You can listen and think about it or correct me if i am wrong.
Best greetings @berlin61

 4 years ago 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me @berlin61

I appreciate it a lot.

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Yours, Piotr

 4 years ago 

It's me again @berlin61

Just before yesterday i watched an interview with a founder of hive and the topic was the recent bitcoin phenomen of rise and fall.

With HIVE founder? wow.
Could you share link to this interview?

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