Why we are yet to be at our best

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Excuses are frequently made up on the spot. We don't go to the gym because it's boring, pricey, or we're too busy, for example. Due to traffic congestion or oversleeping, we were late for work. We inflicted harm on someone because we didn't have an option. These are all variations on the topic of "my dog ate my homework."

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Justification: Beliefs that assist us in understanding why we haven't reached our goals. We take these beliefs at face value to excuse our inactivity, then lose interest in the outcome.


"It's simply reasonable," that is what most readers use to say. "I don't see anything I don't already know here." This is the most common criticism leveled at most guidance books. You may be thinking the same thing. "Yes, it's true," the response sometimes goes, but I bet you don't do a lot of what you read about. If you've ever attended a seminar or a corporate meeting where everyone agrees on a course of action, you know that nothing will change in a year. You can see the distinction between comprehension and action.

Understanding isn't the same as taking action. This belief is perplexing.

I'm strong enough to withstand temptation.

We deify willpower and self-control, and we mock them whenever they are lacking. We do agree that Greats or Heroes are those who have achieved success via exceptional willpower. Those who require assistance or support are referred to as weaklings. It's not acceptable!

Few people can foresee the difficulties that lie ahead. As a result, only a few of us are capable of effectively assessing or forecasting our own willpower. Never question yourself, don't listen to those who mock you, and don't give up. You have the ability to accomplish anything. All you have to do now is get started, even if it's just one step toward your objective. Then you'll notice how the world around you begins to change for the better.

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Hi @benie111
There are people who are specialists in justifying themselves, everything has a reason why it didn't happen, or there is always a culprit, but it's not him or her. From those people you learn a lot, especially what not to do.

We love to give excuses for certain acts and as a result of that we often have excessive tasks rolled over and failed to get done.

Many of us are not at our best yet because we are acting as a limiting factors towards our growth. The number reason is procrastination, I will do it today, tomorrow and forever you won't do it thereby wasting your time, effort and chance to get it done. If you keep going by this you wont progress and you will never be at your best.

Greetings @benie111 it is just a matter of attitude and discouragement and bin you express it in the sentence "We take these beliefs at face value to excuse our inactivity and then lose interest in the outcome" we are what we want all depending on our approach and discipline. Thanks for your input

I think we should have achieve our best even and if we have been able to hit the self control realm. If only we can discipline ourselves in the aspect of self control

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