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RE: Psychology of Maturity in this Contemporary Time

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Hi @samminator

This is an interesting topic and another good post from you.

I have a couple of points in response. First, I don't believe theoretical knowledge is the same as practical experience. Yes, the young people of today have access to a lot of theoretical knowledge that was hard to find for older generations.

I run a team of project managers and I find some who have all the theoretical knowledge. They quote project management theory to me with an air of superiority. However, they generally make bad project managers. There is nothing like the experience and war wounds of having tried a professional or activity and failed a few times. That really experience makes us mature and learn - often through failing first.

Secondly, the intelligence that the young people have maybe market with IQ but that is not the full picture. In most professions or walks of life, IQ only gets you so far. What you need is EQ. Most business or society leaders succeed because of EQ. People only develop EQ through experience and this reflects in our overall maturity.

So I believe, experience + EQ backed up by solid IQ is what makes us mature.


Wow! This is an excellent comment. You're correct buddy, there is a whole lot of difference between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. I remember what a friend of mine humorously said sometimes ago. He said that "you do not learn how to swim by studying aqua-dynamics theory but by jumping into the water". What he meant was; theory cannot replace practical experience.

Thanks for coming around buddy

That is a great expression.

Good post my friend. Enjoyed reading it.

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