Psychology of Maturity in this Contemporary Time

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I often hear people putting correlations between age and maturity. However, does age really equal to maturity? In this era of easier access to information, you will agree with me that many knowledge that are freely available now, even for kids, took the older generation a greater majority of their adult life to acquire. One very remarkable thing about this era is the increase in intelligence but paradoxically, we can't say the same thing about advancing emotionally.

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A renowned sociologist and psychologist; Tony Campolo; once said (and I paraphrase) "this kids of this generation are not spoilt, they just know too much very quickly". Now, looking at this statement, you will discover one thing, in this generation, there has been an exposure of contents to kids in a way that has never been witnessed before. Simply put, kids of nowadays tend to grab more knowledge than their counterparts of last century.

This means that, intelligently, they are already moving way beyond their age. However, this is also a bane to them because in the area of emotions, they will not have prepared themselves well for it. When they go out to interact with the real world, they will discover that it is not as the cyberspace or media has presented it to be and the theories they know may be largely insignificant in a practical world. This is just like a chick trying to hatch before the due time, only to realize that it was not prepared to face the world.

This is one of the reasons teenagers tend to struggle with maturity. Another reason is, the various parts of the brain that is responsible for various things have different rates of development. For example, the area responsible for learning of languages has a faster rate of development according to this research. This is why kids born in a particular location tend to pick up the language of the location faster than adults that just migrated there. Whereas, the area that is responsible for critical decision-making (the frontal lobe) peaks out at early 20s.

Now considering this fact, a research was conducted by Prof Alison Gopnik and it was discovered that the brain, around the age of 11-14, undergoes what is known as "pruning". I mean, a process where the brain readjusts itself and thereby losing some connections in the brain cells. At this point, the teenager may experience series of mood swing and other emotional imbalance.

You see, even though kids nowadays do have greater knowledge-base, it has almost not increased the rate of emotional maturity. This has led many to believe that age, information, and maturity are not mutually inclusive.

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One may now ask; what are the markers of maturity, since we have already looked beyond the age factor? Firstly, assuming responsibility and commitment is a principal mark of maturity. Then, ability to accept both criticisms and flattery without being emotional bewildered. Most importantly, maturity is also indicated in decision taking. That is, taking decisions without recourse to feelings but purely based on character.

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Hi @samminator

This is an interesting topic and another good post from you.

I have a couple of points in response. First, I don't believe theoretical knowledge is the same as practical experience. Yes, the young people of today have access to a lot of theoretical knowledge that was hard to find for older generations.

I run a team of project managers and I find some who have all the theoretical knowledge. They quote project management theory to me with an air of superiority. However, they generally make bad project managers. There is nothing like the experience and war wounds of having tried a professional or activity and failed a few times. That really experience makes us mature and learn - often through failing first.

Secondly, the intelligence that the young people have maybe market with IQ but that is not the full picture. In most professions or walks of life, IQ only gets you so far. What you need is EQ. Most business or society leaders succeed because of EQ. People only develop EQ through experience and this reflects in our overall maturity.

So I believe, experience + EQ backed up by solid IQ is what makes us mature.

Wow! This is an excellent comment. You're correct buddy, there is a whole lot of difference between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. I remember what a friend of mine humorously said sometimes ago. He said that "you do not learn how to swim by studying aqua-dynamics theory but by jumping into the water". What he meant was; theory cannot replace practical experience.

Thanks for coming around buddy

That is a great expression.

Good post my friend. Enjoyed reading it.

Age does not describe maturity any longer, the younger ones are getting really smart even more than the older ones.

Exactly the point buddy. We are in an era where age and maturity are not mutually inclusive as before.
Thanks for dropping by

You've touched on a very interesting subject my friend @samminator
Age and maturity are not necessarily related, many adults today we see with childish behaviors, with inability to assume some decisions without being totally affected emotionally. Thanks for sharing this great post.

Thanks for the kind words buddy. Yeah, without the ability to assume responsibilities and take decisions, maturity is not yet in view.
Thanks for coming around buddy

That, to be able to assume decisions, and also assume the consequences of them, key point for the adult life...

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@tipu curate

Thanks a lot buddy

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always :)

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You've touched on a very interesting subject my friend @samminator
Age and maturity are not necessarily related, many adults today we see with childish behaviors, with inability to assume some decisions without being totally affected emotionally. Thanks for sharing this great post.

This is a brilliant attempt at examining the correlation between age and maturity. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

Age and maturity are really two different things but our society takes age over most important factors which include maturity.

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