You need a tough mindset

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Storms of life are abound to happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone on this planet. There is no new challenge/storm of that has never happened. Such storms can be a sudden loss of your dear ones, financial losses, a broken relationship, a fatal accident that leaves the victim disabled and so on. These are part of life.


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All storms of life come to you for a reason. Though they are negative and undesirable; but they have a positive side and that is equipping you with a tough/strong mindset. Regardless of what may hit hard on you. Life continues, you have to gather yourself up and move forward. I have grown up hearing these common quotes "Regardless, we move" "No retreat no surrender." "No pain, no gain." I picked them up from the action movies i have watched since childhood.

What does not kill you, makes you stronger 💪 . It might inflict pain on you today. It's not permanent, its just temporary. Soon or later it will be gone. You are now left as a strong man. With a good experience. If any of such comes your way again it will just be like normal food for you because now you are used and have toughened in that line.

I lost my Dad, when i was 12years old. It was a very tough situation at that moment. My Dad was our bread winner. We were now left the 3of us me, my sister and Mum. I became the man of the house even at that young age.

Good enough my Dad had done an incredible job in us(me and my sister). Before resting he equipped us with the tennis sport skill which became our talent. We used it faithfully to survive in this world. We made money out of it through offering tennis coaching lessons to many people that wanted to learn the tennis sport and that's how we able to earn a living and support our family by then.

All tough situations in life teach us to be strong no matter what comes our way. You do not have be in the league of the cowards. In business, you need a tough mindset to be able to make certain financial decisions. For example a decision to hold your tokens during the dip when others are selling them off in panic. Never be driven or lured by others fear. Stand on your ground. Keep focused on your set long term goals. They will celebrate you later for having endured through the storms. Hehe...they certainly come to you for inspirations and motivation on how to make it to that bright side.


It is motivating as your sister and you overcame the loss of your father working from a very young age, even if one falls we have to get up again and if we fall again we must get back up to achieve our purpose.

I know you are not asking me but 3 months ago I invested $ 2500 in steem that was all my money that I kept from the sale of my house I thought that by publishing and voting content with that I could survive, but I was wrong as I currently live rented, They raised the monthly rent and inflation in Venezuela rises little by little every week, in the end, for not making history long, I ended up withdrawing the 4750 steem that I had in steempower to buy an economic house to ensure a roof for my 2 daughters.

When I withdraw all my steem I managed to collect the $ 2350 of the house I wanted to buy, but with my bad luck two nights before the purchase of the new house, some thieves jumped over the wall in the backyard and tied my hands and feet both me and my husband and my daughters were already asleep, the thieves took everything I had of value including the dollars, sometimes I think how the thieves knew about the dollars I think it could have been a neighbor.

Currently my husband and I are living in a regrettable situation but I know that with effort and dedication we can get ahead again.

I'm so sorry! Such a sad story. Praying you get out of your current situation.

Thank you.. 🤗

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That's so tough. Sorry for such a tough challenge. Thanks for enduring through it all with your husband.

Thank you, if this is a new challenge for us to start again from scratch and go back to having what we had before.

Sorry about your loss however i am glad it made you the person you are today. It is only the thick skinned who survive in the market places

Thank you for the motivational post. May your father keep resting in peace.

Hi professor @yohan2on the review you have for my homework entry isn’t fair at all. I really did research to produce that work piece out. Please review it again. Please you can’t use one sentence I made an error to judge everything. Please kindly review it again.

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