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We have been testing a a bunch of new features on a BETA site for over a month... now we're moving this huge set of updates to


We have appreciated the help of so many users in particular @midlet and @gadrian and we know our work is not done yet... however we have a wonderful community that helps us and give feedback quickly.

We stand ready to hear your feedback and reports of bugs you may find. Our community can be found here:


This is either a list of 29 Upgrades ...or 56 updates if you count the important sub-updates


  • Community Pages
  • Community Settings
  • Community Roles
  • Community Activities
  • Community Subscribers
  • Community Pins
  • Community Filter
  • Featured Communities


  • Community profile image
  • Community banner image
  • A new photo view mode
  • Default community page
  • Default community view style


  • Embed discord using 3rd party services


  • Allow user to cross post in other communities
  • Don't show cross-post in feed if original author is cross-poster


  • Improvements Feeds menu
  • Communities dropdown menu
  • List of subscribed communities


  • Now has quick links to Topics, Badges, Steem News, Proposals, Feeds, Tribes, Curators, Search, Analytics, Witnesses and our Services page.


  • Mentions
  • Votes above .02
  • Community actions
  • Follows
  • Multi Account Notifications system


  • Votes / Replies / Mentions / Followers / Errors


  • Use public decentralized lists from badge-000000 accounts
  • Badge pages
  • Badge search/favorites page
  • Badge graphics on user profiles


Shows all posts including community posts


  • Connections link
  • Subscriptions page
  • Notifications page
  • Payouts page
  • Activities page
  • Wallet page


  • Starts brand new with no old data
  • Integrate open source software Matamo
  • Display page view counts for users in dashboard


18. ADD STEEM/SBD TO AIRDROP PAGE (premium product)
19. ADD MEMO FIELD TO AIRDROP PAGE (premium product)
22. NEW USER MENU ON MOBILE + other mobile fixes
23. Lots of small visual fixes on dark mode
24. Add guest account to sign up panel
25. Witness vote popup (show users voting for witness)
26. Auto Resize comment/reply editor
27. Max height to images in a comment
28. Show vote mana on mobile user menu
29. Copy post direct URL in share post area

That’s a big release. You guys rock.

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Thanks. And congrats to you too for your work on condenser ;)

Bloody hell guys, I don't know which one of you to hero worship right now....

Bloody hell guys, I don't know which one of you to hero worship right now....

It has been a great experience for me to be involved in testing probably the most innovative, feature-rich interface on Steem!

Are you sure you listed everything? :)

Something I remember from the top of my mind that doesn't seem to be there is the "Do You know?" tooltips which asgarth just implemented and I tested it a bit yesterday.

When will i get to vote for more than 30 witnesses?

And when is troll mode going to be enabled?

Never? This is a kind of introductory series of tooltips for newcomers to Steem and / or Steempeak.

lol but i need to vote for 100 witnesses

read the new white paper

100 witness system, fractal architecture, you dont even know

communities was just the start

Soon we will have full on neofuedalism

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The year is 2025, steempeak finally beta tests its first citizens to vote for city council members using universal ID in the first Steempeak election for local governments using social media e government toolkits.

Fractal Steem witness architecture with neuralink thought pattern encryption for crypto governance p2p universal identity signature package.

Fractal Steem witness architecture with neuralink thought pattern encryption for crypto governance p2p universal identity signature package.

Oh my, don't give them ideas! :D

Already loved using the new features in beta, you guys are doing an awesome job!

Thanks mate. But the same is true for your work on travelfeed ;)

Damn when do you guys even sleep? That is one insane release! I feel like i'm in feature overload will check them all out soon :P may take some time

Feature overload :) a classic of cryptos !

But hopefully more intuitive than normal crypto?
Hopefully more new user friendly... we need to work to get that point where it's feature rich but new user friendly. Work to do in both those directions.

And you have already done that. It's so bloody lovely.

And you have already done that. It's so bloody lovely.

OMG! Thats amazing! Thanks for the Update. In Bangkok i heard something but it's so pretty nice! Keep on Rocking!

Such great Updates, thanks!

I wonder how hard it would be if we could have a messaging option where users could write PMs to other users. It is so hard to keep track of notifications from other people currently.

Keep on Steemin' :)

There are some 3rd parties that are working on that we are looking forward to seeing what they come up with and what we can integrate.

That's great to hear :)

Btw when I am browsing through my replies I just noticed that it would be nice if I could reply without having to click on the reply (which takes me to the post). Would be a small but really useful feature :D

Already possible if you're on your replies feed just click right on the comment box


Love it, now I just need to explore all the new features.

This is really promising! Loving what I see. New user

New user to steem or of steempeak in specific?

We love hearing from new users because we are working toward making the site inutitive. So if you consider making a post about anything that didn't make sense to you. Like a video or a list of things please let us know. The feedback will help.

Our community is here if you have a post like that.

Both! I just signed on to steemit

as always you did amazing.. thanks for the hard work..

You rock :) congrats on this major release!

thank you

Display page view counts for users in dashboard


Something I'd like to see down the line is to sort the communities by most popular when searching. Right now if I get more than one community in search results it's hard to know which one is the most active at a glance.

Yes mechanisms to help find good communities is certainly something that needs to be addressed. It'll happen.

Great Work 👍

Thank you

Are you going to leave your beta page running up for further improvements?

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Yep, for sure in the next few weeks.

Only joined in recently (like last week)... blown away and totally impressed!

Amazing work ! It was worth waiting !

That was great, keep up the good works guys!

Exciting update

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I'm so exciting with new updates. 😊

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Dang, you guys have been busy!

Just a bit eh? haha

Wow! Awesome job @SteemPeak!

Great fucking work guys!

Very cool guys. I am enjoying the new look of the sites and the new filters. Good Work.

looking so much better than steemit :)

Hi @steempeak :) Are you still planning to add something like a general "shortcut" list, where users can add favorite tags / lists / subbed communities (like on the box on the right). I know we have the dropdown list but personally having just a one-click button to go where I want is more convenient. Cheers!

you may have to give an example of what you mean. Right now we don't have a fast way to get to favorite tags but we do have an extremely fast way to get to lists and favorite communities. The important part is now that they are on the top they are always available no matter what page you're on. Previously people had to click to get to certain pages where they would then be available on a somewhat less than appealing box that made everything a bit messy.

But still willing to see what you're thinking of.

By favorite tags I meant this:
Screenshot_20200220 You think this guy knew a coin would ever come of it SteemPeak.png

It would be cool if we could have the same box but with subbed communities :) Or it can be in the same box I think.

Thanks for the continued efforts, loads and loads to unpack with the update.

One thing I’m curious, maybe I’m out of the loop on it, what’s premium? In the small update section, 2 features are premium. If you explained that in another post, I’ll read that!

Not sure how many people use or need an airdrop feature but we did build one because our other project @peakmonsters needed it.

It's not a free feature and we haven't tried to market it yet. Not really a high priority.

Excellent work! Just one question so far.. How do I view the main, overall trending view for the entire blockchain?

Just go to Explore -> Topics ...or use one of these links:

Aha, ok - thanks. Maybe renaming that box to 'trending' would make interoperability with Steemit and the blockchain's terminology in general more effective.

It would appear a crosspost is not eligible for tribe tokens.

we don't add any tags to a cross-post (except for #nsfw)

The assumption is that the tag is already on the original post.
Cross-Post is just a means to get it into a second community not to relist it into the topic feeds.

I could see maybe a need if you're sharing really old content that maybe never got tribe tokens. In that case just cross-post and then quickly edit the post and add the tags

Sounds like an okay workaround.

I think folks would have to watch out for prolific cross posters or their VP would be drained.

yeah auto vote systems are gonna need to ADAPT to the advent of COMMUNITIES... and cross-posting as well.

That sounds exciting. I was looking for your discord link, but couldn't find it anywhere. Can you please help?

Night mode!! 👍👍
Somebody needs a vacation after all this work.

looks PROMISING! ive been trying to make a community since QUITE some time.. I tried again with my active key, MANY times in different browsers and keep getting the same error!

"Oops, something went wrong. The signing URL provided is invalid."

Could you direct me to someone who could help me get this going, im not usually stumped!

I have suffered this problem, and spent some hours with @gadrian yesterday seeking resolution. As best I understand this is a Steemconnect issue. Hope you get it solved.

thanks! yes in the end it worked fine on to create them, then it OK on Steempeak.. no idea why it wouldnt work for me on Steempeak.. im on a mac. maybe something to do with it who knows!

loving these features guys, thank you!
I noticed on your Steempeak group that i could not read the white text on the background image you had..

So i updated the image for you with a darker shade where the text comes.. it might help... just grab it and upload to test!


It's true we need to change that cover so that doesn't happen. Not really high priority at the moment but don't let us forget to do it later.

i already forgot! ;-) yes low priority im sure

One good news after another :-). I saw some new features today. I will try them gradually. Thanks for your work for the community.

Hey guys. Hoping you can assist. When checking out the community settings for PowerHouseCreatives I enabled the Discord integration. I did nothing other than his the enable button and enter the server name. I would like to disable it but have tried countless times to disable it now and although it says it has disabled successfully - it has not. Please can someone assist me in getting this sorted out.

Not sure we've actually tested disable so thanks for bringing this to our attention @asgarth will take a look at it. Thanks again.

Hi guys, a couple of suggestions after using the Communities for some time.

  1. Inside a community, offer one more way to sort the posts - by last activity (where activity means comments, but not votes). So when I go inside a community, I'd have the choice to see the posts ordered by the last posting activity. The idea is that this will help community members more easily follow the ongoing discussions, similar to how members of a forum see which threads have last activity because those threads get bumped to the top when someone comments in them.
  2. In the user feeds screen, on the left-hand side, remove the FAVORITE TOPICS section (it can be moved to the right-hand side) and instead put a MY COMMUNITIES section in its place. I think this makes it much easier for users to go to their communities of interest and doesn't require them to figure out how to do it through the various menus at the top (I don't think most will figure out how to use the menus at the top - at least in their current form they're too complex for the average user). Having MY COMMUNITIES easily accessible on the left-hand side also prepares things for additional social features that could be added later on - I'm thinking things like ordering the communities under MY COMMUNITIES by last activity, and displaying the number of new posts/comments in the community since the user last visited the community. The whole idea is to facilitate social interaction and make it easier for people to find out what's going on that's of interest to them.

Let me know what you think. And thanks for all the wonderful work so far!

With all the updating, one thing I would like to see, and something that is semi missing on almost all the front ends to Steem Block Chain, is a users guide. Not one to the Steem Block Chain, but one that is specific to Steempeak, in an easy to find location, such as between Tribes and search, or in the profile drop down menu.

If there is such a user manual for Steempeak, I have not found it yet.

we have an idea we would like to do ... however it's gonna take some time and significant work. But could be soon that we start on it, we're just trying to choose which next big feature to do next... there are many to choose from.

This is why steempeak will go places, you and your team actually take the time to listen, and to update your users. Steempeak may one day be the number one access point to the Steem Block Chain.

I think this is a new rise of #steemit.....

why steemit?
Why not #steem? or #steempeak?

We think the last few days are the rise of steem in general.

For sure 👍 I m sorry for not mentioning #steem and #steempeak

Great job.. though i have one question. what is the #xxxxx in dashboard. what does it depict?

Maybe you'll need to screenshot it because i'm not sure what you're referencing.


the highlighted portion..

Are you sure to be on steempeak? Seems steemit to me :P

i am sorry i dont understand... would you care to elaborate a bit.

This is your profile on steempeak:

It's not the same you shared above 😉

oh i see. so steempeak is an alternative GUI for steemit (strictly speaking in broader terms). I must apologize because i have returned to steem blockchain after a very long break of about 2 years. and back then steempeak didn't exist or at least i didn't know about it. though, there was another alternate to steemit back then (i have even forgotten the name of that).. so this morning, i noticed that steemit had updated a few new features including communities and stuff.. and i thought that steempeak is just an account name who is explaining what are these new features... now when i think of it, my entire question feels stupid.. sorry about that.. my apologies.

No problem and feel free to give us some feedback or suggestions of you try ;)

Feature request: Possibility to filter notifications in the drop-down box like in the previous version (and saving the filter option). Don't want to get a notification for every vote for example.

we are presently using a notification system built by Steemit INC (@roadscape) customization is presently not an option you'll maybe want to request to them. However we'll keep on thinking about what we could do in the future.

Filtering options are already available on the Steempeak Notifications page, but the filter options are not saved like in the previous version. I think they used to be under Settings somewhere.

Slight glitch in the matrix? When in a feed view the reputation number is no longer visible next to a person name. Is this something that will be going away?

It's amazing how much you guys accomplish. I really appreciate all your hard work.

I am having a problem I don't know how to resolve with the changes to notifications. I need to limit notifications to replies, and the addition of upvotes, mentions, and the like clutters the feed and reduces my ability to engage with folks. Please let me know how to limit notifications to replies only, so that I can promptly respond to folks kind enough to reach out to me, which I presently am unable to do because I can't prevent the bell icon from reporting every upvote and mention.

Also, I understand the pecuniary interest most have regarding their upvotes, but I am far more interested in knowing the percentage of an upvote, rather than it's monetary value, as this is a more relevant gauge of interest than the wealth of the person, and that is more relevant to my concerns. Is there a way to restore the prior gauge of upvotes?


The notifications system is being developed by @roadscape over at Steemit INC.
You could ask to see if he has any plans.

Also we have a filter system that may help in the meantime. You could view this full list and filter them pretty easily.


I do very much appreciate the substantive and responsive reply. I must have missed that in all the excitement. =p


How to pin a post in steemit ?

Better to ask to the steemit team ;)

How can I reach to them ?

Excellent news. I already use Steempeak, and found or figured out several features before finding this post. Love the updates in Steempeak. It even works for me now in FF. What a relief.

Thanks so much for all you do. I know I appreciate it.

Hell yeah!


Thank you for this post, it is very helpful.
I am having a problem with my most recent post not showing up on my blog unless the viewer (including me) either goes to "all posts" on steempeak, or hides resteems on steemit. (esteem is fine). I have tried pinning it to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Your blog should be considered a LOCATION and a community is also a LOCATION.
It appears you chose to place your recent post in a COMMUNITY you did not choose to place it in your BLOG.

There is good news you can put the post in your BLOG as well. Just use the resteem feature.

Also pinned did work... it just takes a bit of time for it to show up.

Oh! So if I use a hive tag first it posts in a community? Good to know. Will resteem everything posted to a community from now on.
Yes my post just appeared, but I pinned it yesterday so it takes a LOOONG time.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply!!!

I miss getting notifications about exactly how much Steem, SP, and SBD my posts earn. Also curation rewards. Is that a glitch?

It is not a glitch. The system we are using has a ton of great things but one of the things it doesn't have is that.

That is not good for transparency regarding earnings. It was already very confusing to figure out how STU got converted to whatever showed up in our wallets.

That information is still available and transparent... it's on your activities page.

ok thanks, I just tried to find that and couldn't

never mind. thank you again and again

By "resteem" my post do you mean "add to blog"? (since I have done it, the option is no longer available so I'm not sure that is the correct verbiage) My post only shows up sometimes on my blog now. I have no idea why sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't

Yes we recently changed the wording because "resteem" makes no sense to a new user.

Great great Job!

I didn't know about the banners. I will check that out. Thanks.

Banners inside of communities? I think they're called "covers" technically speaking

I've not seen the covers yet.

Well i don't know what you mean by "banners"

On Facebook, they have the squared avatar profile pictures and then the rectangle banner cover photo above or around and under that. I thought it said somewhere that Steem communities would have that an option like that for the header, the top of the web page.

Right on guys. Let me know when you want to come on our Steeming Pile livestream and talk through some of these!

when is it?

Tuesday's at 10a EST/3p UTC.

Congratulations @steempeak, your post successfully recieved 0.18000225 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

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As always, Steempeak team knocking it out of the park! Hope y'all get around to making a mobile app one of these days. Partiko is cool, but I think is still MIA. Hope he's alright.

Anyway, as always, damn fine job! Thanks for all the hard work y'all put in!

Totally awesome update!!
Just 2 things:

  • I would love reaching the usual follower´s feed by just one click. Now it is hidden in a menu
  • The notifications do not disappear automatically. This is really annoying

If those 2 would be fixed, it would be close to PERFECT!!

Thanks so much. I also do heavily advertize this frontend in the German community!! See my Alexa-post (german only).

  1. We have some limited space and lots of feed choices. I for example use some of my badge or list feeds as much as my follower feed. But let us know if after a while of using it that the extra click is really tiresome... we'll also keep looking at the analytics if follower feed is so overwhelmingly used that it needs to be done differently.

  2. The notifications system that we switched to offered for so many additional and heavily requested features that we opted to switch to it. We do hope that the developers of that notification system do give it some additional functionality and ease of use. We're with you on that.

  3. You'll be happy to note we're starting to organize a group of volunteers to help translate the site later this year.

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