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RE: Winged Bones

in OCD4 years ago

oh no

i donno why these people are making this post into trending but i dont think it should be on trending (no, not fishing for compliments, but legit opinion) (steemit is weird, and seems like it doesnt know how to correctly value contents) (but whatever, what do i know) (i'll just humbly accept)


hi mini! how are you <3 hope you are well? it's been a pretty rough summer for strayans, so i hope you and yours are all safe and sound and doing wonderfully <3


Look at it this way. For the sake of trending, it's a positive thing to see it up there, because if artists land on the front page it might encourage them to join. It can be offputting to think the only posts getting rewarded relate to Steem and the dApps, especially if you know nothing about them.

We're all good, survived the crazy weather and avoided fires. KI was really sad, though. How have things been in Melbourne? Some pretty bad fires in Victoria, did you get the smoke there or did it all blow over to NZ?

 4 years ago 

hmm, but there's better stuff that should be trending artwise. idk. i think steemblogosphere doesnt really know how to put up a ...convincing face. for lack of better term XD; but whatever, i accept, i am full with gratitude, i will give thanks and reply to all comments with genuine humanness~

but yeah, i do see your point. those steemposts and dapp stuff gets really... depersonalizing. Like the platform is full with non-humans things that are interested in weird things XD;;;;;;;

I'm glad you are all good and that you survived crazy weather and avoided fires <3

Melb is fine, we had hail two weeks ago, right after we had the worst air pollution ever but other than that, we're not getting the brunt of the this terrible summer season. Some parts of Victoria got it pretty bad, though :( I hope winter gets here earlier this year, tbh! So many people needs a reprieve!

It only seems fair for an early winter, seeing as were had an early summer!
Wow, hail! That is some crazy weather. We got some storms, but I don't think any hail. Just some much needed rain and lots of it. The garden's already dryng out though.

 4 years ago 

yeah, hailstones as big as golf balls, too! it was craaaaaazy~

yesh, we need the rains also here. all the rains, please. yes. yes yes.

Btw, are you on discord? I've just thought, you might be able to help with art content for @trendthis. If you're willing, I can send you an invite to the discord group. Joshman has been doing amazing work getting great stuff on trending, that isn't Steem related, but finding the content isn't easy. Another pair of eyes in a different area would be invaluable.

 4 years ago (edited)

oh yeah, i am. i used to curate for curie and ocd and a few others groups. but i dont have a lot of time for steemit anymore these days. but you can send me the inv, if you like and i can drop art links that i think are great, if i happen to find some : )

im still at the OCD discord, if you're there, i can find you~ Oh also still at the AUS and NZ one XD

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