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So, I'm using this post instead of making a new one, so to avoid getting rewarded for making really a ........nothing-post. Nothingposts are what I call the posts that are made just to get the upvotes. Not actual contents, just wants the upvotes kind of posts.

To be clear: I have nothing against whatever types of posts. It's a free market, if people wanna reward nothingposts, then it's their money.

But anyway, that aside, I just wanna say that I've put almost all of my old contents into edited versions. My contents are mine and I dont have a lot of faith in what's going on right now with Steemit/Tron stuff.

I have never thought about cashing out but I could have never imagined that it is Steemit that would sold out on us... lol. Life's really surprising, sometimes, like that, huh...

Anyway, so that's that. If you have any queries about my old contents or whatever, please contact me by dropping a comment below. But in general, all of my stuff is copyright to me. Reproductions and / or use are not authorized without my expressively saying so.

And dont worry, I will never do reposts. I have never done reposts and I will not repost old stuff to get new rewards (that is, if I ever still will blog here..........)

Okei, that's that. Looks like that's it for this spider in this blogosphere.

Good luck, everyone o/

See you when I see you,

Oh, before I sign off, just want to shout out to a few really lovely friends:
@znkd - hey yo, hope you are doing well <3 i havent forgotten our last DM, it's EXCITING to hear your aspirations * ___ * lets pick it up and catch up next time, zeeeeeeeeeeeen <3
@thilah - just a shout out cuz you are the cutest and all thilahs are the best of things
@ryivhnn - constantly amazing <3 never change, my great friend <3 <3 <3

Alright, that's it from me for now. Hope you are all doing well o/

Copyright @veryspider 2020. All Rights Reserved.


This is amazing!

Continue to love your work!

 3 years ago 

thank you :> kind words ! much appreciated :)

Well look at you! You don't post for weeks and then you waltz back straight into trending! That's what I call making an entrance. 🤣

 3 years ago 

oh no

i donno why these people are making this post into trending but i dont think it should be on trending (no, not fishing for compliments, but legit opinion) (steemit is weird, and seems like it doesnt know how to correctly value contents) (but whatever, what do i know) (i'll just humbly accept)


hi mini! how are you <3 hope you are well? it's been a pretty rough summer for strayans, so i hope you and yours are all safe and sound and doing wonderfully <3

Look at it this way. For the sake of trending, it's a positive thing to see it up there, because if artists land on the front page it might encourage them to join. It can be offputting to think the only posts getting rewarded relate to Steem and the dApps, especially if you know nothing about them.

We're all good, survived the crazy weather and avoided fires. KI was really sad, though. How have things been in Melbourne? Some pretty bad fires in Victoria, did you get the smoke there or did it all blow over to NZ?

 3 years ago 

hmm, but there's better stuff that should be trending artwise. idk. i think steemblogosphere doesnt really know how to put up a ...convincing face. for lack of better term XD; but whatever, i accept, i am full with gratitude, i will give thanks and reply to all comments with genuine humanness~

but yeah, i do see your point. those steemposts and dapp stuff gets really... depersonalizing. Like the platform is full with non-humans things that are interested in weird things XD;;;;;;;

I'm glad you are all good and that you survived crazy weather and avoided fires <3

Melb is fine, we had hail two weeks ago, right after we had the worst air pollution ever but other than that, we're not getting the brunt of the this terrible summer season. Some parts of Victoria got it pretty bad, though :( I hope winter gets here earlier this year, tbh! So many people needs a reprieve!

It only seems fair for an early winter, seeing as were had an early summer!
Wow, hail! That is some crazy weather. We got some storms, but I don't think any hail. Just some much needed rain and lots of it. The garden's already dryng out though.

 3 years ago 

yeah, hailstones as big as golf balls, too! it was craaaaaazy~

yesh, we need the rains also here. all the rains, please. yes. yes yes.

Btw, are you on discord? I've just thought, you might be able to help with art content for @trendthis. If you're willing, I can send you an invite to the discord group. Joshman has been doing amazing work getting great stuff on trending, that isn't Steem related, but finding the content isn't easy. Another pair of eyes in a different area would be invaluable.

 3 years ago (edited)

oh yeah, i am. i used to curate for curie and ocd and a few others groups. but i dont have a lot of time for steemit anymore these days. but you can send me the inv, if you like and i can drop art links that i think are great, if i happen to find some : )

im still at the OCD discord, if you're there, i can find you~ Oh also still at the AUS and NZ one XD

High class drawing..

 3 years ago 

thanks !

Always doing well and I love when I pop in and there you are, it is always and forever a special treat!

Even the cover of a Taylor Swift album. Yes, Shake it off is one of mine too and I actually love Blank Space. Hmmmm. Other than that... Well, I am sure I just haven't heard them all.

I hope you are doing well and it was good seeing you!!!

Upped and Steemed


 3 years ago 

@dswigle <3 you are such a gem * ___ * always brighten my day to run into you, your energy and positivity are just so precious <333333333

i am doing well ! and i hope you are too :D and yes, always very wonderful to see you <3 !!!!

So good to see your work again my dear friend!
And Wow for the Taylor Swift cover album having your drawing on the cover, what a hit. We are glad to see that your art is being recognized and hope that you will soon be famous Lol.

 3 years ago 

Thanks, @papilloncharity ! :D Always so nice to see you around these parts <3

Ahahahah, i donno about being famous, but it's great to get people ordering arts from me, for sure : )

Well, I hope that you will become famous my dear friend.
It is always a good thing to only want the very best for your friends!

Oh yes, the face is what catch the eyes first. And the birds look really cool!

 3 years ago 

thanks very much, @zirochka ! hope you are doing well <3

!giphy well

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Who's this @veryspider? :-P

Good to see ya again spider. :-D

 3 years ago 

XD hahah, hey! nice to see you again, as well, @bdmillergallery !

Rare spodey post! I'll be a happy fyn if you have time to be posting again XD Though understand if it's hard around being a proper art freelancer O_O that news makes me so happy for you!

I can never change (or at least change very little, I don't always notice when I change) for you but I'm slightly spun out you think I'm amazing, ahhhh pressure now I must live up to a standard XD

Yay for commission! And it looks really cool! Though have you ever eaten chicken wings? Pretty much all bird wings look like that XD Yours are like little dragon birds :D Which doesn't stop it from looking cool and I couldn't help looking at the anatomy sorry x_x spent waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long staring at pictures of bird skeletons when I was trying to nut out the Avian wings ^_^;

 3 years ago 

fyn <3 fyn's amazing :D im glad fyn wont change * ___ *

and yeah, time is scarce, these days. i used to be able to steem all day long, commenting and curating and etc, but now, has deadlines to meet to deliver artsies to clients, so...

but thank you! i am glad that it's going well also :D (didn't expect it but it's nice!)

oh ya ive eaten chicken wings but i've never thought to apply it in art XD;;;;;;;;;;

gosh i love chicken wings though~

me and anatomy are NOT friends XD;;;;; i just draw what looks nice instead of what is anatomically correct cuz im a hack like that lol XD;;;;;

Unless you're doing actual biology work that requires anatomical accuracy or you're anal retentive like me, what looks nice is usually all that matters ;D

Tylor is a real gem.I enjoy listening to her music. I'm glad you did well to deliver what they wanted.👍

 3 years ago 

yeah, she's cool :)

thank you !

Super dig your sketch style.

 3 years ago 

thanks very much, sketchy style is all i do : D

Courage 😎

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 3 years ago 

thanks @helpie and @scrawly :>

It's great that you are busy drawing and taking commissions. The cover looks pretty grungy, I guess it suits the metal version of the song? Those winged skelly birds, they look like they're play fighting and having fun lol.

Even @scrawly is back! Wow!😉

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I've never left, though these days I'm mostly watching and upvoting : ).

Oh really? @veryspider once told me you went on a break! I guess you came back since and I have been aware😥...cause you haven't made a post for a while.

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Sockpuppet confirmed! xD

*sockpuppet attack!

 3 years ago 

hahahah yeah, i need to kind of work out a better schedule to meet deadlines these days... i guess it's a freelancer's life!

oh yeah, grungy ! that's the word i was thinking off instead of gothic, .... i guess they both starts with G

LOL XD;;;;;;

I havent heard the song yet, but yeah, i hope the grunginess of the art suits it~

Playfighting skellybirds :D :D :D

Love the drawing!!!
Found you by stumbling into the hive - great to see you again, @veryspider!

 3 years ago 

thanks! and it's nice that the hive thingy is working :D !!!

great to see you again as well, @carolkean <3

Love the communities, finally brought the fun back to Steemit.

Awesome work btw.

 3 years ago 

hey, thanks!

i donno about fun back to steemit. remains to be seen. i think.


im a skeptic! these days!

but thank you for kind comments <3

Hey @spyder, I was hearing the same thing and probably will give it back a shot myself. Glad to see you online and your drawings, of courae, always capture my attention. The little stories with them actually teach me real stuff (I remember all the horoscope series, simply awesome). Anyway, bla bla bla 😊, glad to hear from ya!

 3 years ago 

hey you! long time no talk :D

so cool to see you still around <3 i remember finding you on steemit when i was still very new myself and it's always nice to see the people from way back when : )

Hope things are going well for you <3

well i don't know who is telling you that Steem is different... but... it isn't different :) But hey a spider posted again, so I suppose that is different :) I like yours better than the Taylor Swift original. Good to hear you are doing lots of arting

 3 years ago 

some very enthusiastic person! they are trying to get me on the hopium~ ohno~ addictive substances, i am weak to them~


hi sir alien! hope you are doing well and your better half too and your mini aliens <33333333

thanks for kind comments !

spiddiiii good to see you back here again! good to know you're enjoying your freelance thingy! you planning on eventually making it a fulltime gig in the future? always love your art style by the way!

 3 years ago 

nah, my full time job is way better paying than the art freelancing thing, but it's a nice side earnings :)

and thanks!

and hi, andywong!!

Good work, keep going! Respect!

 3 years ago 


welcome back spidey ;9)

 3 years ago 

oh am not back > __ <

am just trying

but thank you <333333333


 3 years ago 


gogogo @veryspider i miss you art, cool , excellente tecnica de dibujo saludos <3

 3 years ago 

hey, thanks jesus :)

hope you are doing well too

Nice work with the rendition! Definitely has that goth/ghoulish vibe to it.

And glad to hear you're getting more deep into the business of art commissions. :3 Considering I'm a freelancer as well, I know the feeling and freedom of doing so. Sounds like yours is certainly picking up business!

 3 years ago 

yeah, it's been really fun :) and kind of nerve wrecking, but excited that im now making money off art XD i've never thought people would pay for my arts because of stupid debilitating self esteem issues but it's great to challenge my own silly misconceptions and be proven wrong :)

thank you! i hope you are doing well, as well, bleux !

Yeah, it's like a new weird thing when you first start off making art money. lol But after a while you start to see the value in that. And you'll go through some challenges and such along the way especially as a freelancer. Though I think with Steemit, content creators like us could be finding a potentially great avenue for income just doing drawings we love doing and being able to support each other as more and more people join the platform. X3

And thank you! I'm doing pretty well as well. :3 I've just been busy as usual with drawing on my end. Right now I'm drafting up a surprise that's related to Steemit that I think the community here would absolutely love and could help newbies on the platform.

 3 years ago 

oh that's nice to hear! i will look forward to what you're cooking up, for sure, bleux :D

 3 years ago 

merci, merci, sweet barbara <3

Welcome Back! That's a lovely sketch. I love it!

 3 years ago 

thanks very much, @sgbonus :D

i love your travel posts too, always so interesting, with loads of photos <333333

Hey Spidey! It's been a long time since my last time here, I really missed seeing your artworks!
This one is really beautiful, I had to check the original cover to realize the cool work you made!
I'm glad you are coming back too, finding your art on my feed is always a pleasure.

 3 years ago 

Hi, you~ How are you doing? :D Always nice to see a face from back when still active <3 I hope you're doing well :D

Thanks for such kind words, also * ___ *

Hi Spidey! Yes, I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I took some time off to study but I'll try to get back to posting more frequently because I really missed it. :)

 3 years ago 

That's great, study is important :) Hope your studies are going well~

And it's also good to post more :D

It has a gothic vibe. Btw, it is good to know you are doing commissions! I used to be a big fan of Taylor. Love story was the first song I heard and I printed the lyrics out to sing lol XD

Posted using Partiko Android

 3 years ago 

Thanks! I'm glad the gothicness came out :D

And yeah, commissions are fun, and the money's good * __ *

Oh, yashny likes TayTay? :D That's nice ! :) I probably know very little about her music, but I do think she's got some nice poppy tunes~

Hi! Nice to see you poking your head in now and then! This is a pretty neat concept. And how exciting to be getting so many commissions! Great job!

 3 years ago 

Thanks :) Much appreciated.

Aaaahh I'm so late in replying but thank you so much for the shoutout! You are the besty best spider out there❤❤❤

The art look METAL//no But really the art looks really nice! Can't wait to hear your friend's cover

I'm not 100% sure how communities work yet but hopefully I won't mess up too bad

 3 years ago 


i am the worst spider ; __ ;




Hey! Wazzzzup Just read this post friendo.

I've been doing quite a lot of art commissions and orders :)

I remember telling you that your art would be highly looked for in the commission's warudo. And you said "no way no XD" or something like it.
And look at ya. So nice to read it.

Also wanted to say, that is because I wade through your old posts that now I like tons carpenter brut. And my favorite track is paradise warfare.

Oh and about that project we talked about, it's going slow... like reaaally slllooowww... but steadily.

And I agree. Thilahs are the bestest.

Send you the hugx on this february 15... a day after the valentine's mi querida espaider.

 3 years ago 

aaaaaaaaa yeah, i remember that too XD;;;; i have issues with self esteem~ so many wonderful artists in the world, and i always felt like it's a different play field outside of steemit and i had doubts.... DOUBTS!

but i'm glad to brave my doubts, to be sure :> thank you for the vote of confidence, zeen <3 you're a gem * ___ *

YESSSSSSSSS CARPENTER BRUT is amazing, oh man, i'm so glad you likey * ___ * I like Paradise Warfare too, but I think I'm still partial to Escape from Midwich Valley cuz it has gothicky vibes :>

And and and, that's alright, a project that like what you talked about is bound to be sloooooooooooowwwwww but but but, steadily is good <3 I showed you my friend's game, right? It took her two years to put together. YEARS~

Thilahs are really amazing <3

And thank you for the hugsies <3 I will send you more hugsies on this day 17 February 2020.... 3 days after valentine's day, mon cheri zeen~ <333333333333333

PS. Steemit Inc has been sold? apparently? to TRON. Imma discord you~

Hello again, Spider! It's been a pretty long minute. Good to see you're alive and well too. I'm searching for my discord login so I can send a DM to you about delegation. No hard feelings, processing...

 3 years ago 

hi you!

and no hard feelings at all <333333

life brings about changes and people are super allowed to review what we want to do at any given moment :D

i hope you are well? it's been such a LONG time~

sure is nice to hear from you again * ___ *

A sigh of relief.

Thank you! I found the discord pw, but um, don't know the email I used. Total bummer. Still working on that, but anyway

I have been very well, like woah. From reading your post and commentary it sounds like you've been extraordinary too, and that's so good to hear.

You know, after I signed off, every time I'd see a little spider somewhere at work or around the house, I'd think of you and wonder what you had spinning.

This new steemit is exciting times. Hope we see each other around more in 2020! :D

 3 years ago 

That's so awesome! To hear that youve been well and that you're finding the new steemit exciting :D

I am just cautiously waiting and watching at the moment. What's happening with Tron/Steemit gives me pause, honestly. We are suddenly seeing so many new updates coming through? It feels like they should have been able to be rolled out months ago since the codes seemed to have been in development for a long time? IDK

But yes, waiting and watching cautiously for me, atm~

just an FYI, you may already know this but your post makes me think you may not - editing your posts doesn't actually remove any of the content from the blockchain. Every edit is essentially making a new post to the blockchain - every previous version (edit) of the post is still on the blockchain and visible using many different blockchain explorers. All the images are still hosted on steemit's image hosting servers and clicking on the image links in the preserved earlier versions of your posts will still lead to the images. It may be possible to contact stinc directly and ask them to remove images from their image servers, but I don't know if that is something they would do on request from the content creator.

 3 years ago 

Oh, yeah, I know that :> I dont have any problems with them being actually still there, just kind of dont want them to be easily viewable.... also im not one to participate in the newfangled crossposting madness... XD;;;

I think it's nice that the rewards go to the authors, of course, but it's not like I was here for the earnings~

Steemit was fun for a while, then it wasn't. But what happened, happened. I made friends, artworks, contents. They were once here, and now they are hidden. Maybe one day I'll return, but for now.... this is how the general public will find my steem bloggy!

How are you Mr Alien? :D I hope you are doing well, and your gorgeous mini aliens also and Mrs Alien <3

Cool, I figured you did know that but just in case you were in full "must remove all traces of spider from these webs" mode I should mention it. We are doing great! In three days we close on the purchase of a new (old) house. For the US and particularly western US, a very old house. Masonry construction built in 1883, originally a school house so there is tons of history there I am sure. Looking forward to what we will find when digging up dirt in the yard :)

 3 years ago 

omg that's absolutely cool i love old houses * ___ *

i hope you will find crazy cool things and that you'll post about 'em :D

very excite <3

1883!!! WOW~

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