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RE: Operation stay awoke begins in my street

in OCDlast year

I wanna thank you for commenting on this post as I have not be getting those in a long while. Also I see you have been away for sometime and I was the first author you branched at.

It is a sad reality. The government, the failed system, the corruption, the pandemic, the starvation and the robbery is a sorry sight to behold. Someday in the future I believe all this will be a distant memory and one would reflect with a sigh of relief that one came, saw and conquered.

Between I am keeping safe, just on guard in uniformity to resist the potential threat of robbery. Hope you are safe as well and coping with the current situation?


Yes, I've been away for some time. First my PC started to act up and desperately needed an upgrade, which hasn't been done yet. Then I moved house on the 1st of March (perfect timing!) to a place that couldn't have been better for our current situation (far away from everyone and everything) but with one negative: bad internet connection. The worst I have seen since the late '90's...not even kidding either.

Then the shit really hit the fan and we had to go on lock-down, so getting better internet service was put on hold since half their people were laid off and no one will come near anyone's house.
Meanwhile hive was born, and I had to read up on all of the happenings while I couldn't do a thing with it or about it. So here we are. Just getting back to 'normal'. Normal in regards to blogging I mean. And I still haven't made up my mind yet, whether to write on both platforms of just the one...
Both feels like a betrayal but then I see others do it.
So yeah, all in all: luxury problems really when I look at how others in the rest of the world live now. I count my blessings. Although I can't wait to get off this godforsaken island (Ireland) as soon as it's possible again...

I'm glad you're safe. Being on guard is good, I guess we all are now in a way.
And yes, I'm sure we'll look back at this with relief one day (hopefully soon).
I just keep reminding myself that there are people in the world who are not as well of and safe as I am with my family. I feel for those people really. Being in a shit situation like this if your life was reasonably secure before is one thing but living now while it was already a struggle before is a completely different ballgame. That things have to change is certain. No better time than now.

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