NOSTALGIA (an original poetry)

in OCDlast year


A familiar feeling dawned on me
What sorcery could this possibly be?
I know I've felt this way back then
But now, I just couldn't comprehend

My heart's tightening against my chest
Painfully pounding, yet, warm at best
I feel my vitals increase continuously
Enveloping my existence with ecstacy

A part of my past dashingly flashed back
As if my memory is on a one-way track
Desperately searching where this could be
This feeling so nostalgic that struck the depths of me

Was it when I was young, barely started to walk
Or when I started to think and consciously talk
Was it the time when I skipped class like a fool
Because doing it once sounded so cool

This excitement I feel is oddly ambivalent
Good or bad; nothing seem to be evident
As I savour the anxiety running through my veins
I feel myself breaking out from these invisible chains


That moment when words suddenly appear on your mind and you just have to write them down so as not to forget them. I don't know what happened earlier this morning. My class was cancelled, so I was just playing some mobile games while waiting for the time. I have classes in the afternoon and night time, so I had to prepare for them.

As I turned on my PC, I suddenly felt like writing something and the words from my mind just naturally transferred on my paper. What inspired me to write this piece is unknown even to me. lol The words just came rushing down, so I took the opportunity.

Even my poem is doubtful for what it actually is. Well, anyway... there are times like this, so let it be! haha

I hope you enjoyed this quite random poem I made. Thanks for reading and have a great one. Stay safe everyone! (^^,)/


Hi! I thought this was a very good poem! Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you like it, despite it being random. :) Have a good one! ^^

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