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I was reading @penguinpablo's daily stats and two things jumped out at me. Firstly:


That is quite an increase in top level poststhe last two days with the 23rd seeing a 400% increase in a 24 hour period. Who or what is creating all of those posts, and where are they? Average comments will of course see a dropoff based on that, but I think that a lot of people are also not commenting or using the Steem-Engine tokens with automated messages. This makes sense, since a lot of Steem-Engine has been seeing a decline for the last month or so that this has been ongoing - I am pretty sure that whatever I hold there is near worthless - I can't even login there.

The next thing that stood out was this:


Almost 7 million STEEM going into Bithumb (a Korean exchange), which not totally unsurprisingly, has the largest volume:


That is a lot of Steem getting deposited there and not much coming back. I wonder if some members of the community have decided that the direction of Steem is not heading where they wanted after all?

Lastly and no surprises here:


Other than the first day out of the last week, there is a mass exodus of Steem heading to exchanges, with ~10 million in total leaving Steem. That is about 3% of the entire supply. Assuming that some of that was already liquid, if 70% of that is what it will continue to be shifted over the next 13 weeks, it will mean that about 90 million STEEM, or almost 30% of the entire supply will move from stake and onto exchanges, where there was already about 30% of the supply.

200 million Steem liquid and on the exchanges will mean that there will be a lot of cheap STEEM to buy and of course, those who are here voting will have a larger percentage say over the platform.

How many of you will be buying stake to increase your voice on Steem?

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I wonder if some members of the community have decided that the direction of Steem is not heading where they wanted after all?

More like, I wonder how long it takes for
the penny to drop! Anyone who pays or sways 4 exchanges to do corrupt shit, is corrupt themselves

I will keep steem in my wallet but not so much if any sp

Yep. Seems that way, but I only have limited numbers, so can't know for sure.

I might keep a bit and perhaps even buy some as it approaches my buy points. It is a long way down from here though

I'm in no hurry to completely sell out my stake here. Even with a small stake the upvotes might be worth it if the price isn't abysmally low.

In fact, Steem is pretty good for crossposting or making low-effort posts now. A lot of it has to do with the fact that auto-voting services have not yet migrated to Hive.

I still put effort in, I don't think I will ever be a consistent shitposter - but that is subjective :D

Yeah, I'd say it's subjective. :)

Low-effort posting is not necessarily shitposting. That could constitute sharing something interesting. Such a post would be worth only some autos. But this is not really our chain any longer and the generalissimus of this place himself was making noises about downvoting being a no-no, so I guess it's ok.

the generalissimus of this place himself was making noises about downvoting being a no-no,

I got a $370 downvote the other day from them, so - I guess they changed their mind. :)

I saw it. Epic.

And with those, the Koreans are rushing to the exit, too?

I think they are likely clamoring for the upside of that - it has been voting too :)

Oh, at the time, it was a 1900 STEEM DV. 2.5 of those up and a dolphin is created :D

I think I will be leaving some Steem behind. Not a fortune but 4 or 5000 as by week thirteen what will be the price of Steem so may as well hang on to it. Steem could be a surprise package going forward and haven't written it off just yet.

I think there will be quite a few doing similar, and who knows, perhaps it will pay off in a bull market.

Well if you can make 100 Steem per week for 1 post per day I don't see a problem with that. Who knows you could build the account up quite comfortably again and either sell some or send to hive and build your account hive. That is my thinking right now as 13 weeks for a power down is an opportunity not to be missed to make extra Steem.

Yep. Take opportunities as they come, especially in this global climate.

Decency is always wise, might also end up being smart at the end or wise versa.

Well, if you look at it purely through the eyes of someone who's looking to profit, I'm sure there are some vultures out there looking to pick up cheap Steem in expectation of JS doing some kind of massive pump at some point as part of his exit strategy... and they'll try to ride that wave out at a profit. It's a high risk proposition, but much of the so-called "investing" in the crypto space feels more like high stakes gambling than it does investing.

But to answer your question, I will not be buying stake. But I'm also not caught up in the mad rush for the nearest exit.

I have some small buys for Stem in.... very low.

They basically scared off the cleaners and the wild cat cheetah, this is spam city now. That's why the posts go up.

But 400% ? That is a pretty massive bump.

I'm still posting, although most think I am crazy. It is still where I belong. The numbers are scary though and just don't make sense.


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