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RE: Winged Bones

in OCD3 years ago

It's great that you are busy drawing and taking commissions. The cover looks pretty grungy, I guess it suits the metal version of the song? Those winged skelly birds, they look like they're play fighting and having fun lol.


Even @scrawly is back! Wow!😉

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I've never left, though these days I'm mostly watching and upvoting : ).

Oh really? @veryspider once told me you went on a break! I guess you came back since and I have been aware😥...cause you haven't made a post for a while.

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Sockpuppet confirmed! xD

*sockpuppet attack!

 3 years ago 

hahahah yeah, i need to kind of work out a better schedule to meet deadlines these days... i guess it's a freelancer's life!

oh yeah, grungy ! that's the word i was thinking off instead of gothic, .... i guess they both starts with G

LOL XD;;;;;;

I havent heard the song yet, but yeah, i hope the grunginess of the art suits it~

Playfighting skellybirds :D :D :D

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