Corona Virus Mayhem: how is it affecting you and your country?

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Originally, I didn´t want to write about the Corona Virus at all as I felt this topic was inflated enough by media around the world but seeing all the disastrous consequences and damage that has already been done, I had to change my perspective as this affair will undoubtedly have devastating long term-affects on billions of people and the whole global economy.


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Where I am living now, on the very remote Azores Islands, everything seems normal. As far as I know, there haven´t been any cases of the infection here yet, nobody wear face masks, people don´t buy more stuff than usually, there is no panic in here at all.

However, my home country, the Czech Republic, is currently experiencing an unprecedented virus mayhem. As of this writing, there have been 120 confirmed cases of the infection, which is actually not that much compared to some other European countries or, of course, China, but the safety precautions and measures that the Czech government has decided to adopt are probably some of the most drastic in the world.

Just yesterday, the government declared a 30-day state of emergency that, among other things, includes a ban of all public events for more than 30 people and a closure of almost all places and facilities where public gather such as theaters, cinemas, libraries, galleries, gyms, swimming pools, bars, clubs etc. At the moment of writing this post, it was just decided that the Czech Republic will also close all of its borders completely so that nobody (with a few special exceptions such as rescue workers or bus drivers) can get it and out of the country. Schools as well as many other institutions and businesses were already shut down earlier. Many items and foods have been completely sold out from stores and supermarkets, face masks are trafficked on the black market...

So this is pretty much what the situation looks like in my country right now. Quite heartbreaking to see it like this to be honest :( How is the Corona Virus affecting the life in your countries, my fellow Steemians? Please feel free to share your observations with us in the comment section below so that we can have a better and more comprehensive idea of the scale of this disaster.

Thank you for your contribution and stay strong & healthy.

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In Poland schools, cinemas, libraries, public offices are closed and public events stopped, except churches, churches operate as usual.

Thanks for sharing the info. No surprise for me though, cannot imagine Poland without churches :) Stay strong our northern neighbors.

I expect churches to be quiet empty this coming Sunday, despite my call to action.

Hi @phortun, Coronavirus has already negatively impacted many countries. In our country too, a small number of people are infected with the virus and they are quarantined. By the end of the day, the food in our supermarket was almost over. Schools are already closed for a month. Roads are inundated. Corona has had a devastating impact on the national economy.

Thank you for sharing your experience my friend. Honestly, I didn´t think the situation is so bad in Sri Lanka as I knew you only had a few confirmed cases of the infection... I think the slump in tourism revenue will also have a very bad impact on your economy :(

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Tady v Plzni to nevidím zas tak drasticky. Roušky tu nikdo nemá, MHD funguje a v obchodech je dostatek zboží i jídla.
Do práce nám chodit nezakázali.
Na záchodě nám přibyly pokyny, jak si správně mýt ruce :-)
A desinfekce ve veřejných prostorách.
Zákazy a omezení jsou nemilé, ale co se dá dělat. Zpomalí průběh epidemie a poskytnou čas a prostor našim nemocnicím a doktorům, kteří by jinak byli zavaleni pacienty jako třeba v Itálii.
Už jsou připraveni pomoct i medici.
A co můžeme dělat?
Můžeme ještě vyrazit do přírody. Tu zavřít nemůžou. Na to je moc velká :)
Hodně lidí teď pozná, že jí mají hned za domem :-)


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Tak to rád slyším, že i v ČR jsou místa, kde lidi nepanikaří :) Ke mně se dostávají informace jen na dálku, tak asi nemám úplně objektivní obrázek... S tou přírodou máš recht, třeba to lidi aspoň naučí trávit v ní víc času a vážit si jí ;)

Média nás slušně masírují. Na ČT24 je to prakticky nonstop.
Je potřeba zachovat zdravý rozum ;)

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Denmark shuts down here and I'm quite affected. Not by the virus itself but the response of it.

My boss cutting almost half my working hours, because of no costumers, my weekly activity such as dance among others disbanded.

So yeah I'm kind of bored here now. So many hours in a day and nothing to spend them on lol.

Probably just grabbing my bike and move on north into Sweden for some months if this will be a dragged out show.

So many hours in a day and nothing to spend them on lol.

Well, Steem is still here :D But seriously, I hear you man... You might actually want to head out to Sweden before your country decides to close all borders just like my did today :/

Greetings, @phortun. In Venezuela there have been no recorded cases, but there is great concern about the critical state in which we have our hospital network, about the unhealthiness and lack of supplies. This government has been neglecting health for years. I cannot imagine what could happen if the coronavirus arrives and finds us so helpless. A virtual hug because the physicists are suspended :)

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You are right, your country has already been through so much. I think everyone is hoping the virus will avoid Venezuela, that would be just too much for you guys :( Fingers crossed.

I'm in Vietnam now. When the whole thing happen in China, masks ans caution become a reality. But no body stops working, storage food or nothing like that. The numbers were decreasing and now life is pretty normal here. Unfortunatelly human beings take decisions bases on emotions. So fear is spreding more than the vírus and People are going nuts...

Thank you for informing us about the current situation in Vietnam. Hopefully, the epidemics is over for you by now and everything will get back to normal soon. I wish we could say the same in Europe...

The scary part is that it spreads fast, and with winter shifting from the north hemisphere to the south in a few months I feel that, we, in south america, are still to see the force of it.

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