Tweet for Steem : Can we get Steem back into the top 12 cryptos on Twitter

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A couple of days ago I reported in Steem News about the Twitter crypto rankings that @offgridlife had picked up on.

Crypto Buzz Tracker publishes every hour a list of the top 12 #crypto's mentoned on Twitter.

@offgridlife spotted that #steem had got up to #6 in the rankings.

This is great visibility for Steem and a tribute to the likes of @theycallmedan and @acidyo who have been running various campaigns to encourage Steemians to share their posts and spread the word on Twitter.

It is also a product of the efforts of many Steemians like @traciyork, @whatsup, @ausbitbank and @johnspalding who are already pushing hard on Twitter.

Since @offgridlife alerted me to these rankings I have been keeping an eye on the hourly rankings from Crypto Buzz Tracker....

Unfortunately after holding on to a top 12 placing for a day or so #steem has now dropped out and not reappeared since I have been watching.

It would be most excellent to get back on the list. Even better if we could climb up and hold on to a top 5 position. That would put us up above our friends at Tron 😀

Of course we don't want to be seen just to be spamming Twitter.

We want to be adding value, providing useful information and... ATTRACTING PEOPLE TO STEEM.

I'm not a Twitter expert but my personal tactic is to Tweet out various interesting posts I find on Steem that I think will have wider appeal.

For example in the past 24 hours I have Tweeted posts from @twokooksonevan about learning Vietnamese, from @johndoer123 about building a lamp from an old laptop, from @galenkp about his new LEGO community, and about @ashtv's video of a new song by Chris Catalyst.

These are all to show the range of posts and people on Steem.

Normal people talking about normal things.

I am trying to be more careful and selective about tagging. Not too much, not too little. Hoping to catch the eye of the wider world.

My favourite Tweet so far was one featuring @grindle's UrbEx post about his visit to the now derelict Institute for the Deaf and Dumb in Liverpool.

It would be too sad for this fine building to go to ruin so I tagged the local council, the local newspaper and the Merseyside Civic Society.

A Liverpool City Councillor liked the tweet and Merseyside Civic Society retweeted it to their 3000 followers.

This is not in anyway mega of course, but it is a few more people that may click through to read the post and see the name Steem.

One drip at a time til the Steem waves fill the ocean...

For general Steem awareness I am also tweeting out the Steem News each day, as well as alerts for the shows going out out on @msp-waves, @ramblingradio and @vimm.

Maybe a few more eyes and a few more ears...

So I invite you to join in.

Tell the Twitterverse what people are doing on Steem - be it posting, vlogging, playing games or building things.

Tag along and let's see if we can get Steem permanently moving up those Crypto Buzz Tracker hourly rankings.

Thank you.

10% beneficiary set to @offgridlife for alerting me to Crypto Buzz Tracker

[ graphics by @pennsif / @offgridlife / @grindle ]


Hey @pennsif, just in case you weren't aware, if you're sharing posts from the OCD community on Twitter, either your own or others you find interesting there, just adding a comment with a link to your tweet on the post will get it higher curation than usual from the @ocdb account manually. We moved the #posh initiative over to our community now where we will be monitoring it more closely and reward authors that get their posts shared onto Twitter higher than if they didn't.

Just to clarify, this is only for posts we were going to curate either way, doesn't mean anything shared on twitter will get a vote but if we were going to curate it and it has been shared it will receive a boost. Hope to get more people doing this in the near future. :)

Thanks for the clarification on this. I wasn't sure what the current protocol is.

And thanks for the votes.

Hopefully this will help to get #Steem up in to the top 12 cryptos on Twitter.

Earlier on I saw that you were trying to build a posh automation bot that will be upvoting posh-related posts. It's a cool and astounding idea and I must admit that many steemians need that so they can be psyched up by the upvotes to continue creating quality content that will in turn lead to on-boarding of newbies in the community. When is it starting to run? I want to be a member of that initiative since nowadays my posh-related posts never get upvotes like they used to. I think it's cause many folks are in the initiative.

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Boosting the signal with a...

@tipu curate

And thanks so much for the shout out, @pennsif! I had no idea there was a such thing as a Crypto Buzz Tracker - gotta go check that out. 😊

Something else I've been doing on Twitter is jumping on tags from the #writingcommunity (like Monday Blogs), and tagging posts by Steemians who are using the #SteemPress plugin to auto post here, as well as my WordPress blogging friends. Many of us are using the bi-directional comment thingy, so our non-Steem blogs show comments made by Steemians - I figured it might be a good way to cross pollinate. So far I've had one WordPress blogging friend comment through @steempress-io's guest account on a Steem post, and I'm hoping once I get my Facebook group up and running in March, I can encourage more to follow. Here's to hoping! 🥂

Looks like a good idea with the #writingcommunity. Not looked into that before. Will check it out.

Thank you.

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Every Steemians would like to see steem on the top 12!

Hopefully we can get there...

Amen! 100% upvote from me on brhalf of tbe ecotrain peeps. Sharing in both the @ecotrain & @naturalmedicine discords. Getting my twiiter ramped up to next level.


That's great. Thanks for the support on this.

I like your idea of sharing what you have been reading on Steem - simple to do! I don't have a personal twitter account just my gardening one but there are lots of posts i could share there.
Thanks for the heads up!

What's your gardening Twitter name? I'm not very active there but you've given me a boost through this post to start sharing more!

That's great. Will look out for your Tweets.

Is there a particular hashtag we should be using? I set an app that bounces my Steem posts directly to Twitter.

The tracker just tracks the #steem hashtag.

Ahh, cool thanks. :D

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