Why am I still here?

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The Papillon (Butterfly) on the dog's tongue explains our situation for the past 2 years at #STEEM

This post is for the challenge "Why am I still here"? by @theycallmedan

I will tell my story "To Ride or to Die for Steem", from an animal's perspective!

We joined as a registered charity in June of 2017 and as in the picture above, flight was always an option. Simple isn't it? Just download and call it a day. But I am made of a different material and when I bite passionately into something I get lockjaw like a bulldog. At the start my hope was to build a financial foundation here that would secure the future work of @papilloncharity, but gradually our stay evolved into becoming a part of the communities here.
There was of course always a threat that things in the crypto world could go awry, but like the saliva on the dog's tongue in the picture above gluing the Papillon, the communications and challenges here kept us stuck.

Who are we?


Being a charity we work with all of the lesser fortunate people and children in our communities and due to a lack of support over the past 20 years we have had to make many sacrifices in order for the charity to continue. Thankfully this has also trained us to endure "cloudy weather", such as the bear market that has endured over here.
They say; "What goes up, must come down" song lyrics by "Blood, Sweat and Tears" but we say; What comes down must also go up". A positive mindset in constant hope can create miracles if one is prepared for the struggles in life. Struggles like a bear market are shown by history as always being replaced by a bull market.

How do we see this bear market?


Well, a golden opportunity to build ourselves up here during the bear market. To place quality posts and to communicate and support many others here. To become a beacon of Light instead of a blanket of Darkness.
Folks, it is so easy to moan and groan and to fight and to scream. It is easy to stab each other in the back and just as easy to scam our way through life. But why then do we cry when our false world collapses around us?
Keeping it straight and honest is the mainstay of our tenure here. We never bought a vote, or indulged in any lucrative offers. We have never downvoted anyone and we try our best to respect everyone. (Even if it's a bit difficult sometimes Lol)

But what about our growth here, are we just some losers?


No, we are not losers and I don't want to brag here, but over time we have had a slow, but steady growth.
There are many good educators and helpers here and the trick is to find them and to listen to them.
I can name a few of them here, but they are special people with great hearts that would not want me to put their names up in lights. I am the same as them, as although I am the founder of The Papillon Foundation aka @papilloncharity, I am not on the board of directors and just a guiding shadow behind their successes. Now I could easily claim the position as President, Chairman, CEO, or whatever, but nope, I would rather stay a simple guy with simple ways.
Why would I trade an important position for love? Doesn't make sense to me!

So then, what does the future hold for @papilloncharity?


This photo above spells it out. When that bear market arrives we are going to grab it and run with it. Not run away mind you, as the bear market would be due to arrive some time again, but to enjoy the bull market and to know that all of us here, that stuck it out, deserve it. This is our wish for everybody here.
I hope that I have not ranted too much and want to thank all that read this post, written from my heart.
My message is; Stick it out, as you will be amazed at what endurance can do.

Best wishes to all and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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What a great post for this challenge and glad your still here

Thank you my friend and just told in my own way as usual Lol.
When are you guys moving out?

Well that I guess will be about 3 or 4 months, its takens about three months for the org to process my clearance and pay my final payment, and then up to a month for the pension to kick in, so will stay here and live quietly till that happens and then will start looking for houses in the earea we want t move to

3 or 4 moths is a short time my friend. We only found this place after 12 months here.
Maybe you should let it be known in the area where you intend to go, so that they can keep an eye out for you?

Well once i have funds in hand i will start looking with Earnest, however that said I do use a couple of sites to keep an eye on what is coming on the market

Good, at least you are checking while you are waiting my friend.
We really hope that you guys get something nice that suits both of you.
Watch out for places with too many steps. We have no steps here.

Ohh yes that is one thing on our list minimal or no steps, were hoping to find a nice ranch style place with just one floor

Wow, that would certainly be ideal. Lot's of nature and fresh air.

The tough get going, when the going gets tough. One has to be level headed, crypto is no different to any other market out there, maybe a little bouncier.

@tipu curate

Thank you for the tip Lady Joan. Some difficulties to get in last night and I see that there is some great trouble here on steemit. Time to batten down the hatches and to wait and see how it all is going to play out!

Smaller fry we will have to batten down and ride out the storm, always a possibility of a fork in the road or at worst a sinking ship. Watch the rats, always first indicator! Have a great day if you can.

Aha, seems that some has started jumping Lady Joan, bit not time tp panic yet. Taking cheap shots at each other is also only going to damage the crypto name in the eyes of the general public.
Such a shame that decent dialog was not firstly considered!
A Luta Continua!

I do believe we have some amazing people here, ride it out, hopefully for once the goodwill of all will succeed in the end.

Money cannot buy many things, however may be an excellent place to reap benefits for all involved. That being said this is business, all buyouts come with some ironing out, this is an exceptionally interesting one. Possibility of stronger marketing being one avenue that may come with new owner.

If now only they can all sit around a table and sort things out my friend.
This sniping back and forth cannot bear many fruits.
Settle the differences and let's all get along with the task on hand.
But I think at this moment in time it is a pipe dream.
Not good for the general public to see all of this on twitter and other social media channels.
But so be it!

Exception to the rule, has to be public if we remain decentralized and not converted into a run of the mill corporate owned place.

Lots of trust will have to be build up again once this is over....

Had a look now at a discord discussion between some of the witnesses Lady Joan. A lot of wafting, but no solid plan with mutual consensus.
It seems that this ship has no captain and a simple solution is in my post of today.


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Keep up the great work!


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Great post my friend!!

Thank you kindly my friend!

Nice post sir .

Thank you my friend!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! Well said and I wish you much continued success.

👌 ❤️ 👌

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