Yeah there is quite a lot covered. I actually, tried a recovery yesterday, let's just say not easy. Also, not the thing you would want to try and figure out in the case your account is stolen.
I'll write about how it is done soon, but I had a stressful day at work :|

Hey, that stress is nit good for you my friend.
An old man told me that stress is the same as sitting under a tree and taking a poison pill every day. Not enough to kill you , but eventually it will get you!

Regarding the recovery, let us just pray and hope that we never have to use it.
Take it easy my friend.

Fortunately these matters are beyond my control, so I don't need to worry about it for long.

Good that you don't worry too much about things.
It is the worry factor that creates the stress.
My burnouts came because I laid sleepless at night worrying about how I was going to keep the Papillon charity going.
Worry is sure poison.

I hope your charity is getting on well, now that SBD payment is happening again and Steem is on the rise, it might be easier to find donations around here soon. I can imagine it is stressful. I hate reading about my company in the news these days, 9 out of 10 times it is bad news.

Thank you and we are indeed doing better from my posts my friend.
Always sad to read bad things about one's company especially if you are a good worker and know that it might affect your future.
But you are clever enough to start your own thing!

Thanks. I'm not too worried. The package on offer is decent and I would definitely take it if offered to me, but I'm not in that position. Retirement in Korea generally happens at 55 to 60 and getting a good job after around 45 years old is really difficult. Most people start-up small businesses and around 90% never turn a profit so people are actually best off to just take up a cheap hobby or a minimum wage job. My plan would be to farm :)

Over here the low earners go onto a government pension which cannot sustain them and they suffer. I am slowly closing in on 70, but I will never retire.
Your plan to farm is great as it is necessary to do what you love after 60.
I chose charity work simply because it makes me happy to help poor people.
Whether you get the job or not should not matter as you are clever enough to make your own way!

Fortunately these matters are beyond my control, so I don't need to worry about it for long.

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