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Literal handfuls of lizards!

While passing by our favorite "snake spot" the other day, Monster Truck and I decided to stop. We came up empty on snakes, but the skinks were there in force. It's not every day you can see so many of these lizards, much less actually capture them. We sure enjoy all wildlife, but herping (looking for reptiles and amphibians) is one of our favorite pastimes. What do you like to do outdoors.

The Best Memories Are...

  • 1 -Memories made together
  • 2 -Herping memories
  • 3 - All of the above (Herping memories made together*)

Let us know what you think below! Here's a couple more pics. Enjoy!


Until next time…

Make today special!


omg! it looks scary, I am actually very scared of lizards. Brave boy !

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