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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

in OCD5 months ago

I checked one of the cat communities and found my old post there. I don't like that.
There will be more bad than good, but we can always add more troops to Steem Police and watching policemen taking advantage of policing.


Did you blame the cat?

I think that in time there might be the potential for an "opt-out" where people can't crosspost (@jarvie). There can be several other measures that come into play also as it develops.

At least, it is better than someone cutting and pasting content as there own which used to happen often and still does from time to time.

Out of curiosity. If your cat post ended up earning a lot (you get 90%, the sharer 5%, the community it was posted to 5%) , would it change your opinion?

I'm very interested in this discussion
Technically they didn't post his content there... They referenced his post, simply shared a link in the post. We looked up that link and showed the post and correctly attributed and forced the user to give their post rewards to the original author. So is this comparable to someone is saying they don't want their content talked about or seen by another group of people?

Is this like saying the NY Post doesn't want their news article linked by Trump on twitter because donald trump supporters will read their news and that's not who they want to cater to with their public news article.

Yes, it is an interesting aspect.

What is possible however is to edit the post after CPing, and make it look like something it is not perhaps. Yes, the history to the edit is there, but there is also the potential for taking payment on something that wasn't the original.

I have seen some users CPing and then editing in the original post to make it look like a new post. it does make it look nicer, however it also takes away the "warning" that this is a cross post and therefore anther instance. THey are doing this on their own posts of course...

No, because this feature will bring harm to the steem platform.
People with no reputation and no steem power will start cross-post farming to catch some cents. Not Canadians or Finns, though.
I see this becoming a big issue sooner than later.

They are doing that now, at least they will have some better content and that better content can earn as well? When it comes to distribution and inclusion, the idea is to open taps to those without reputation or Steem Power. However, I think that the biggest gains for this will be for those who put it into communities running SMTs, not Steem, as it always for a community to have attractive, relevant and decent content without having to only rely on their own community for it - which might be small to begin with.

Takes time to evolve.

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