Trip To The Eden Project: Cornwall, UK

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In 1995, a large hole in the ground left by an aging clay pit in Cornwall was being scoped out by businessman Tim Smit for an adventurous project. Tim previously restored the Lost Gardens of Heligan which I previously posted about. But next, he was on to something even more ambitious.

Between 1995 and 2000, he would plan and prepare the land for a most amazing transformation. The following images are from our journey through the various environments created through his effort. The domes that you see in the images contain distinct environments from around the world.


That's correct, each dome contains a completely different environment from a different part of the world. Native plants, animals and even climates are kept to the exacting specifications of their origin country. It is an unbelievable experience walking through a door and coming out the other side as if you had just crossed the globe.



On arrival, we were loaded up onto some cars that were being pulled by a large tractor.



We were dropped off at the entrance to gardens which are outside of the domes. There is actually a lot to explore before actually going inside. I'm guessing that these are meant to be European environments, which would make sense since the project is in England. It wouldn't really need to be enclosed to simulate the UK!


There is this greenhouse area where you can purchase various plants to take home with you. The English are really into gardening. It is like an Olympic sport. I've never seen so many TV shows about gardening in my life as I saw in England, but I digress.



Coming near the entrance to the domes, we ran into these creative scarecrows. I love the cardigan on the first one.


A really cool thing about the UK are the Allotments. As a citizen, you can apply to get an allotment of land where you can grow your own fruit and veg or whatever. I've even seen people raising chickens on them for eggs. You just have to use them, or you lose them. I really wish that we had something like this in America.




As you can see, you just can't take me anywhere. But wait a minute... Look at all these pastries!


This could be dangerous. I really think we should move on. I'm not really sure what I'm doing in the image, but here I am doing it.


The vegetables in the garden were some of the most attractive that I've ever seen. I don't know how they keep everything so nice. They have the best gardeners in the world working at this place.


So finally on stepping into the first dome, we come across this post apocalyptic thing. Luckily it's eyes are closed. Maybe taking a nap? I won't stick around to find out.


Amanda's mum and dad were really enjoying the flowering plants.



What do you think? Am I pretty?


I guess I couldn't contain myself. The joy was too overwhelming. So much pink.




It's pretty mind boggling the sheer number of different plant species that they have thriving in this environment.


Of course being me, all I could think about while there was "Where is Pauly Shore?"

Only the coolest people know what I'm talking about. Or perhaps the dorkiest. I don't know.





There are a lot of these cool sculptures scattered around the domes, inside and out.


Ice Cream Break!


There are also vendors working inside of the domes in case you need a quick snack. I feel bad for the ones working in the Malaysian section. It is really muggy in some parts!


I can't remember where exactly this location is. But check out those long tables. This place smelled amazing! They are making all kinds of fresh breads. Okay, back inside the domes!




I'm only just now realizing just how many silly shots that Amanda took of me. Oh well!






Time for another random sculpture. Whoever is designing these things is seriously on something.



They have set this place up so well, that sometimes you really forget that you are inside of a contained environment. Check out this waterfall. This is awesome!


And this primitive oven. I've been thinking that I want to make something like this myself.


This sign just made me laugh because signs do that to me.





How about another view of the waterfall, because I love it. Enjoy.



This sign was my favorite of the day. Short people run left 98 meters, tall people run right 50 meters.


Apparently they have something against Pines. Screw pine they say. Okay, I am starting to realize that these are the most images that I've ever packed into a single post. Perhaps I will save the rest for another! In the meantime, please be sure to check out the Eden Project website and be sure to visit there if ever in Cornwall.

I think that what they are doing is a really great thing and is worth supporting. This is a re-post from over a year ago that I thought would be cool to share with the community on Hive. Thanks for reading!


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Thanks guys!

I have heard so much about this place, it looks amazing and very unique. You've tantalised my interest in this place even further!

Check it out if you get a chance. It is an amazing place!

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@creativeblue I think I'll likely be posting on both chains, but the new chain will be more my 'home'. I fear that the stability of Steem is going to get worse and worse over the coming months. Who knows what the new owner will do with it, but the censorship is giving me a real uncomfortable feeling.

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I love these sorts of biodome projects. Was this a while ago? you have a buzzcut!

Yeah, it was probably about 5 years ago I think. I bet it is even better now.

I have actually been wanting to buzz my hair again because it actually gets on my nerves, but Amanda won't let me.