Good one, @nickyhavey. And great recommendations, as usual.

Have you seen all the updates to @steempeak announced today?

Hey Fiona! Thanks a lot for reading in, wow it's all changed on @steempeak since I last logged in on both PC and mobile. Amazing what happens when you get lost in writing CVs and the music studio for a couple of hours... come back to a completely different interface! Awesome!

Someone may need to teach me a thing or two so I can teach others lol!

I know! I have been so distracted with other stuff, too, and then all sorts of things changed. Potentially exciting things ahead for us all.

I have to say, I am getting withdrawal symptoms from not writing. As soon as this course is done. 19 done, 7 to go and the final assessment/assignment. I may actually be done by 29 February....

Yea hopefully it will all be a breeze, going to sniff around this weekend and see what's what.

Hold on to that feeling but get your course done first! That's the most important bit!

Yea hopefully it will all be a breeze, going to sniff around this weekend and see what's what.

Hold on to that feeling but get your course done first! That's the most important bit!

Indeed. Going cold turkey. One step at a time.

That's a great compilation. We need more of these to flood our social medias to reduce the FUD on those who think that blockchain is really complex.

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Thanks a lot mate! Yeah lots of FUD going on at the moment even from the steem community too so just trying to keep things positive and educational here - hope it piques interest 🙂

Educational enrichment is actually what brought me to steem before coming to see that I can make some money.

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You and me both! I came to be a better blog writer but stayed for the earnings 🙂

Yeah, I am glad I stayed and now the money adds much value to the writing and learning. It's cool to be here.

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This is the kind of great content that I love to read. Amazing work OP! Very informative.

Thanks a lot for checking it out and glad you found it helpful!

Another great guide her Nicky! With all the new things going on, and perhaps new people getting interested in joining us here these posts are all the more valuable. Shoot after 2 1/2 years on here, I'm still learning. Especially with all the new changes just rolled out...😂

Thanks a lot P2P! I've learned one thing about this platform and that is... I have much to learn haha! I think just posting and reading and voting on things will be what I stick to!

Good to see someone else doing newbie stuff besides me. After the Tron announcement, I stopped as everything might change, but it seems that's not the case.

There does need to be more informative and easy to read/understand articles out there for newcomers and even those who have been around for a while and not of a technical mindset.

I'm not worried about the Tron announcement. Personally, I think it's great news to have financial backing and a new CEO in charge, fresh blood, someone who would be more invested in development and has a marketing presence. As someone who is just a user of the platform and creates content, things did need to be changed and the next 1-3 months we'll know more and the dust will settle.

In the meantime, steem on 😎

Also not too worried about the TRON announcement. Many are powering down I see but probably won't sell until things settle.

Let them power down and sell, I'll happily mop up their cheap steem once I get some spare change.

I did trigger the powerdown after seeing all the negativity around here. It was more about being embarrassed to see this childlike reaction from everyone but cancelled the powerdown after hearing from steemit and Justin in the AMA.

Not ruling out Orcadom yet 😁

I did trigger the powerdown after seeing all the negativity around here.

So did blocktrades, but that's been canceled too!

I think blocktrades would make a bigger impact than I ever could though haha

Well done, i hope this helps many new people to our ecosystem.

Thanks man! Yea hopefully it will too but damn, just came to catch up on replies after 3 hours in the music studio and it's all changed! Time to write another Guide I think haha!

Amazing introduction!!!! And thank you for including us!!

You're most welcome guys and gals! Thank you for being ON IT with Travelfeed!

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Hi, thanks for sharing.
I'm not so sure about the following though:

Upvote - "I think this post is under rewarded, more STEEM here please"
Downvote - "I think this post is over rewarded, less STEEM here please"

Upvote: Surely an Upvote is to be used if you like the post, not based on how much it has been rewarded by others?

Downvote: Who are we to judge if it has been over rewarded? Perhaps you dont like the post but others do. To downote it because you dont like it and lots of others have voted doesnt seem right to me.
I think downvotes should be used for plaigerism, bid buying, racism, warmongering, etc. Stuff like that.

What do you think about this @nickyhavey ?

There is more information in the original blog I linked which goes through all the nuances of upvotes and downvotes but ultimately, it does come down to rewards distribution.

Even if you downvote plagiarism etc, you're still saying you think it's over rewarded and want less rewards to go to that post in a way.

If you like a post and upvote it, you're saying you want more rewards to go there.

That's just the mechanics of the platform and how they work.

How each user goes about their voting and downvoting is up to them. This isn't a post to say what topics or content should be voted on but rather the way the tools work from an objective point of view.

Thanks for your reply nicky. I get your point of course, yet i think the majority of people who see your post will read it without clicking through to the 3 non technical blogs (i hope they will - i havent done yet, not sure i will, perhaps).

I therefore think it's very important that in your overview post that it is emphasised that upvotes are meant to be used to show you like the post and can be used freely, wheras downvotes should only be used sparingly, if there is something really wrong with the post. Otherwise, those who only read your overview post may unwittingly become involved in downvote wars which seem to be happening. Do you get my point? @acidyo, i would be interested in your view on this too.


Thanks for the feedback - I have modified the description of upvote and downvote in the original post now to just say "more STEEM here please" and "less STEEM here please".

I know where you're coming from, believe me, I've observed a lot in the 2 years I've been here.

The thing is, this isn't meant to be a recommendation on how to use upvotes and downvotes because every one has different tastes and behaviours when it comes to using their upvotes & downvotes. Rather, it's about understanding what the fundamental functions of the buttons are in terms of interacting with the Steem blockchain and allocation of rewards.

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