My Dream of Being a Dolphin

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When I was a kid, I heard a question over there:

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I was not impressed by the *...what I wanted to be...but by the concept "big". Magically and instinctively, the term invited me to look at the sky and also at the sea.

To be "great" would be a challenge in my life. You can't become great without a process, I thought immediately. To become big I would have to adopt the behavior of a dolphin for example, my favorite pet.

To become big I would want to be like that aquatic animal with special characteristics within a diverse ecosystem. I would like to be a dolphin because of its great capacity to solve problems. Helping others was an anchored thought.

Dreaming of becoming a dolphin indicated a long road, full of obstacles, but one that I could intelligently get out of.

From this question, my dream became a reality. I became a mother, I nursed my calf as a dolphin does. I kept myself alert with my little one by diving into a semi-warning state like a dolphin does to protect its calf, so I did with my baby.
Later, with effort, studies, dedication, perseverance and persistence I got my degree in sociology, that made me a sociable and cooperative being, another attribute that the dolphin has. I learned to live in community as he does.

Throughout the years, I had to live the technology revolution, adapt to it, it was necessary. I got then an ocean where to communicate, where to continue learning the language of a dolphin to transmit my ideas effectively, to continue growing and enriching my knowledge, I got with steemit.

My dream of becoming a dolphin on this platform has become longer than I imagined, obstacles in my context have decided this. Even so I still dream of that prize of becoming a dolphin that comes closer and interacts, collaborates and shares with all the users of the network to extend a helping hand.

I want, just like a dolphin, to recognize myself when I see a mirror image demonstrating some awareness of myself about how to act with myself and others on this valuable platform.

Greetings steemit community, this is my entry to the contest that carries out @thekittygirl, if you want to participate you can visit the link

Siempre atenta @maryorser


Qué bonitas palabras @maryorser, un sueño que compartimos muchos por acá, éxitos en el concurso, que sea ésta una nueva oportunidad. Saludos.

Hola @belkisa758 gracias por tus palabras.

Very interesting how many ways you see this dolphin idea, @maryorser. I think you can get here on steem sooner than you know.

@tipu curate

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

You have been curated on behalf of Inner Blocks: a community encouraging first hand content, with each individual living their best life, and being responsible for their own well being. #innerblocks Check it out at @innerblocks for the latest information and community updates, or to show your support via delegation.

gracias a todos por su apoyo.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry won the Grand Prize in my Dolphin contest! I like how you went a different direction with your writing than the other participants, equating real-life experiences to the act of becoming a dolphin.

You can't become great without a process...

You became a mother, nursed/protected your calf, earned a degree, then "got an ocean" in which to communicate... So many good analogies here! "BRAVO!" for an excellent piece of writing that tugged at my heart-strings! 💖


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Oh! I'm so excited, I was pleasantly surprised by the news, I can't believe it. After so many obstacles, getting this win means a lot. Thank you very much and success in the seas of that ocean @thekittygirl and @shadeserver.

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