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RE: Powerup day is April fools' day

in OCD2 years ago

I do not see anything wrong in staying on Steemit. It has its own uniqueness as compared to Hive. I was concerned about the take-over of witnesses before but that does not mean that I will walk out. Yes, I think there are still good people staying.

It is up to you if you want to maintain two accounts between Steemit and Hiveoe pick just one of them. The only challenge that I see for myself is having the time to cross-post between the two platforms but that also means double earning so it is still good. 😊


This is true most people that have moved to @hive are saying @steemit is dead but i still see them posting on @steemit wtf ??? Anyway i think i will continue with both if the double earning sound good to me for as long as it last :)

Thanks for your input my friend. Stay safe and distant :)

wtf ???


Yeah, right. Those who spoke as if Steemit has turned ghost town is still earning from it. It is like eating what you vomited.

The streets at the moment are more of a ghost town them :)