Yeah, I know...It must be very draining for those doing the heavy-lifting. To be honest I've tried to stay a little insulated by it and simply write content. It is, after all, what I do best. I have a proxy I trust doing my voting and keep apprised of the situation on a basic level. Still, it's been a little stressful. I can only imaging what it's like for those putting in the real work.

Absolutely. Everyone's tired, running on low sleep, and sometimes emotions take over, but we all have to prepare that this battle might take a while. Quite crazy, but is what it is. Will see how this week will turn out. Hopefully some progress? Yet I am skeptical as always and also given how the "negotiations" have gone so far.

I'm hoping things work out, I'd miss steem and those I engage with here if it were to fold. Crossing my fingers is about the only input I have though I'm afraid. :)

Cheers! hug

Seeing some cracks in the community makes me sad, but I hope that in the end we all will find each other again and remain together.

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