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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCD4 years ago (edited)

I disagree with the whole premise that it's a "bad act" to downvote/flag. If you are standing by and watching a woman get beat.... don't you deserve to be beaten yourself for it? When you could have helped the woman, but didn't? In my personal opinion, indifference is just as bad as abuse. You have been given a personal ability to choose to combat/counter rewards where you see fit, and you just sit on your ass with it. Obviously it's not a requirement to do so, just like it isn't a requirement to help the woman who's being beat. The question is, are you really as self-righteous as you make yourself out to be, because you don't flag people? Also, do you have such little faith/wavering faith, that you actually believe flags will drive people away? I politely disagree with that narrative as well. I got flagged almost instantly after I joined. **I reached out to the community here. I got help. People cared. Actually, @berniesanders, of all people, was the one to help assist me when I was flagged for no reason other than someone was having a bad day and decided to flag anyone who interacted with bernie.

I think the real issue is that people complain too fucking much about what other people do with their stake. If you don't like it, there's a door, but this is ultimately what we sign up for the moment we create an account and whether the flags have been free or not, they've always been around and people have always seemingly used them in nonsensical and malicious ways.

What are you even basing your accusation on anyways @crypto.piotr? How do you even know people are leaving steem in any measurable amount? Account activity? Because I'm sure a LOT of that is down now that bots have been countered more successfully than ever before. If that's what you're basing it on, then you're extremely misguided. I, myself, joined this place within the last 230~ days. Considering it's been around much longer than I'd ever realized, I am "new" here and there continue to be new, real users. The bots dying off is why there is so much less activity, it's not because people are "leaving" this place. I find it funny how everyone who "leaves" seems to come back inevitably. As much as people run their mouths about how terrible this place is, they seem to stick around like glue. Smh.


That is a shit analogy. We are not talking people beating someone, we are talking about assholes downvoting for arbitrary reasons and forcing people to use an option they decided to opt out of. A voluntary option to downvote, when the users feels it is needed. Not a forced downvoting quota. This downvote fascists need to stay on gab or the ghosts of 8chan.

If I were to start being flagged on my posts, over not using my flagging power, I'd start to use it on things I disagreed with. Not a complicated concept and sure, you shouldn't "have to" but neither should other people "have to" not flag you, either. Complaining about other people's blockchain RIGHTS, gets us nowhere. It is simply a cry of anger and emotion and it doesn't help at all. The post talks about "kindergarten" but children ARE the ones who bitch and cry when shit doesn't go their way. Those are the facts and that is what's happening here. You were given a simple choice, use your flagging power to fight some abuse, or be flagged yourself. You CHOSE the latter, it was not forced upon you. You were given a choice. People just don't seem to like the consequences of their CHOICES. It's sad. Grow the fuck up. Complaining about free money in the first place makes you look stupid. Smfh.

It's not their choice when they are forced to choose only the options forced upon them by someone who isnt in a place to set rules. That isnt choice. This isn't "Free Money", people invest their time and finances into this platform. You are literally complaining about someone's RIGHT to complain on their blog on a blockchain... Grow the fuck up.

Maybe you're just more 8chan drainage the way you think.

Says someone with no obvious intelligence. That's rich.

Nothing in life is a choice, by that dumb ass logic. Smh.

We didn't choose to be here, but we choose to stay (or not). We don't choose to have to work, it is forced upon us. Those are not choices, those are situations. Same as this. It is a situation, with choices. Just because they aren't the choices you WANT does not mean they are not choices. I used the perfect analogy, because it's exactly the same thing. Someone using their power in a way they have a right to. They have a right to flag if they feel that it's damaging for people to not flag when they're given free flags. To make the point that we aren't choosing to be forced to make the decision, is irrelevant. Choices are still there, no choices were removed, only options. The same as anything else in life. It sounds like you're a crying little bitch. You're the one who definitely needs to grow up. Fucking pathetic.

Lol..nice come back..what ya got next? I'm rubber and you're glue? Then some more of your bullshit circular logic and a dash of name calling? Grow the fuck up. Maybe Steem is too much for you to handle like a grown up. LMFAO Forcing one to use an option when the didn't want to is not allowing them the choice. What a fucking snowflake. Melt much?

Haha. What a fucking bitch. You're pathetic. Your low IQ attempts to insult me were just pathetic. Like your life. Circular logic. lol. Coming from your stupid ass. That's rich. Steem is fine for me. :) I share things I like.

Seems the snowflake here is you, not I. YOU are the one crying like a little bitch because someone chose an option available to them and it happened to inconvenience someone else slightly, so they cried about it like a little bitch, and you're continuing on, BITCHING like a little bitch, about it. Talk about circular, your logic means you are a little bitch, since you're bitching about someone using their power how they saw fit. Cry some more, pathetic fucking baby. lol. :)

Is this snowflake still melting and making up stats that they have no access to? Lol.

This person doesn't seem to be able to grasp that we all know that people can do what they want with their SP, but that does not mean they aren't a piece of shit for attacking people for bullshit reasons, like nothing. And they sure don't seem to grasp that this jerk doing this negates the other person's right to do what they want with their SP. The asshole is saying, one person can do what they want with their SP but other people can't. That's not liberty. Someone is trying to stop another person's liberty with the use of Steem Power. Can they do this? Sure. Are they a big piece of shit who does not like freedom unless it's their own? Sounds like it.

Eh, more of a piece of shit for crying like a little fucking bitch about it, imo. To be honest, it's making people show their true colors when they get flagged. Like you. Ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. You would probably otherwise be the pretender and suck dick for votes, but now that you've been flagged, it's triggered your tiny little mind. You're raging and spewing hatred and crying like a little fucking bitch over the flags and it's a bad look. Pretty fucking sad life you must have. I feel sorry for you. :(

Yep. You're still a piece of shit crying.

Dude you debate like a grade school student. Grow up then come back to Steem. You're bitching about someone bitching about someone being a dick and others discussing the pros and cons of it and doing it like a child. "They don't agree with I'm gonna cry like a bitch and call them names and while I'm crying I'm gonna call them a bitch to try and swing it like I'm not the actual little bitch" - Lookplz.

But please continue to act like a little bitch because you debate like child and no one agreed with you. Boo hoo hoo.

Better to be called a bitch over using selective words to describe you perfectly, than to be a little bitch who cries because of someone flagging me and using their stake how they want. :) You are pathetic. ;) Cry more you little fucking pussy! LMFAO!

Also: Now that I have spoken on this topic, and do not use my flag power, I fully expect someone to exercise their blockchain right to flag my posts until I start to use it. Guess who WON'T be bitching about it tho. ;)

Also @crypto.piotr is who led me here by spamming people's wallets with shitty links (Annoying and shitty behavior. Might warrant some use of my flag power. Hmm..)

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