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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

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I agree with most of your points @tarazkp but these rules apply if you want write a blog or share a youtube link.

For example, if I want to upload a skate video on Dtube and then share it with the Steemskate community there is no other way to do it than cross post my Dtube post from the dtube community to the Steemskate community since just adding the hive tag on a dtube video won't work.


Yeah, I can see this and I am hoping that there will be a way to "crosspost" the same instance to different communities, but I do not think crossposting for twice the rewards will benefit the author long-term - as any autos and support one gets might drop away very fast.

There is game theory in every step of the process here and, it is highly dynamic. Makes it hard to really know what is the best course of action as one has to consider the reactions of a decentralized community, all with their own incentives and agendas. I like it :)

Thanks for your fast reply @tarazkp.

We skateboarders really love to share videos instead of blog posts so it's not about the rewards, it's about making the Steemskate community active. If you take a look at the #Steemskate tag 9/10 posts are dtube videos. You are right about the auto voting man. People won't vote the same guy 10 times a day and I can't blame them for that.

I am pretty sure that Dtube will fix this though or else communities are pretty much useless in our case (skateboarders).

Yeah, I understand your case in point for this. I will assume that at some point there will be a cross-posting feature without the new post being created.

I am glad there is a skate community here :)

Hope so too my friend! I don't like ripping the rewards from the reward pool either. I am doing pretty great with just my daily upvotes.
Yeah, we've been active as a community for more than 2 years under the #Steemskate name. Here is our hive if you want to subscribe and take a look :


Subscribed, thanks :)


Thanks for the tokens!
Here is my gift to you.



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