Exactly. Downvoting just to be seen doing it, that's the most stupid thing I saw an Steem. And there are a lot... well... we all know what I mean ;)

That's one of the reason I stay away from the downvote war if possible. Everyone has a role here and I think one should do what is most effective and works for themselve, to make Steem a better place for everyone.

I do not think the owners of Steemit reaally care. They almost went bankrupt last year, and I think they know the end of Steemit is very close.

if you're getting harassed by downvoters, set your rewards to "declined" so they don't hurt your rep (but you still get rep from upvotes!!) and then when you're safely above a rep of 26+, all the newb robot downvotes won't affect you.

Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately it's not the newbies which are the problem. It's a few long time members with reputations in the high 60's or 70's. They feel they control Steemit and hate anyone with opinions which differ from theirs.

Right, setting your default rewards to "declined" will keep the 60's and 70's from killing your rep.

Downvotes from people with lower rep than you won't hurt your rep.

Unfortunately after testing your theory for a while now, I find that you are not correct. Turning my default rewards to "declined" has absolutely no effect on stopping down-voters.

Here is proof:

Notice that the scumbag @block-power (AKA @the-reef) was still able to down-vote and hide my post.

Thanks, for the info. I've modified my sig - "setting your rewards to "declined" doesn't seem to protect you from loss of rep, although it does dissuade steemcleaners and steemflagrewards"

@freezepeach please consider reviewing this case for @starworld

@steemflagrewards please consider reviewing this case for @starworld

What I also do not understand, is how a member with a reputation of only 25 can have any effect on my reputation, or hide my posts, when my reputation is in the 30's or 40's. This is contrary to what the information on the Steemit site seems to suggest. Obviously, the whole Steemit platform is seriously screwed up, and no one seems to care enough to do anything about it. I guess they all know the end of Steemit is getting very close, so why bother trying to fix a soon-to-be defunct system.

It shouldn't @starworld unless they FUBAR-ed the code.

I'll talk to @bullionstackers and see if we can get this sorted. I don't know what you did to incur his wrath. Maybe he has a good reason but won't know until I look into it further.

Well, the rewards are tied only to steem-power and the posts with payouts below zero are hidden, but the rep thing, yeah, are you sure it's just the one account with (25) rep that's taking your rep down? Because the "don't worry about your rep from smaller accounts" was specifically mentioned by @themarkymark, who I would imagine knows as much about this stuff as anyone.

...and no one seems to care enough to do anything about it.

Well, I'm freeing-up some steem-power to delegate to @freezepeach and I'm trying to encourage others to do the same. Even a delegation of 1 steem-power would go a long way to showing token support for their efforts to protect "the little guys".

Not really! That only helps for new posts. It does not prevent asshole members like @bullionstackers from going back and down-voting any or all prior posts, just as the jerk just did. His 1 down-vote alone on my comment above dropped my reputation from 37.9 to just 33.2. Can no one stop these scumbags?

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