Last Days

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Last days

My knees hurt, just like my heart hurts, a little like how my hopes feel but nothing compared to my loneliness. I have not slept well in the last days and maybe it is due to not being comfortable with my last days, my last days seem vague and emotionless some part of the feeling of absence of happiness and the broken memory of how wear my smile.

I have forgotten my face and my voice sounds different every day, my bones sound as I move as if I am about to fall apart and my stomach is no longer hungry. I stay sitting on my head even though I keep lying on my body, just to think how it is possible not to feel my own breath, it must be a symptom of the last days, my last days.

The days abound with colors but the last ones lack them, perhaps not to stop being the last, perhaps because they are tired, they may be hungry or they may want to shit, symptoms of the last days.

The voice tells me that there may be more days but I am already tired, my knees hurt and my heart wails, my hopes cough and my loneliness no longer exists, even she abandoned me even though she knew that would make her stay with me forever, for all life or at least for the last days.

Today I come back with a writing from my mind, without using any keyword as before or some situation, I sincerely hope that you liked it and if you have any advice for me to improve, you can leave it in the comments and I will read them kindly, we read later my dear readers.




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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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