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Nothing and Something

The Magic of Faith


This Was American College Tackle Football

Me, I have had my neck broke. In the wedge on the kickoff return team, a defender dove into the wedge and I slipped as a split second before we hit head on. The game was against Cal-Berkeley.

Now we played USC after the previous mentioned game: The Trojans almost succeeded in running back a punt return. Our punter was our last player in place to stop them from scoring a touchdown. He made the tackle. The impact broke his neck. The carefully carried him off the field and his head had a hoop around it held in place with four bolts into his skull attached to four bars mounted on a harness that kept his spine perfectly straight.

Me, I came too and I barely made it off the field. I felt like I was struck by lightning and talk about pain. They iced it while I sat out the rest of the first half and I started the second half. I was so pissed. I kicked ass.

Of course, I had problems. I was in pain for next thirty-two years because except for the next game, I played the rest of that season and the next season too.

It is a very long story. This is the short version. In the eight seconds I was out lying on the field, I met Saint Peter at the Gates of Heaven and he said it was not my time yet and he pointed and ordered, GO! I awoke on the field.

I want to play football bad. I loved it. I loved the game. And I hope it is inspiring to you because I think it shows that if you really want to do something, you can do it, even though my arms were paralyzed twice at the end of each season. The right one was the worst affected.

The other thing besides inspiring, is knowledge that world will use you and spit you out if it can. The doctors and coaches told me that I had herniated a disk in between C-5 and C-6. Moreover, although that was true, what they did not tell me was I broke C-5 in three places, which I found out ten years later when I joined the Army. The world will use you until you are gone for their gain at your loss and not give a crap about you one single tiny bit. The only thing that truly cares about you is God. Why?

God and Us and the Universe

The point is thus: there is humanity’s version of God and then there is the real God. At the very least, there is a much more advanced civilization in the universe and someone who rules that civilization and then there is the truth – a lot more to the world and all there is than anyone ever thought possible.

I have been in a fight for the longest time and the unseen and in that time I have learned an awful lot about it like how to travel in the spirit world and oh so much more like there is good and evil.

Now I am not here to convert you. You might think so but I am no preacher. This is an entertainment section of steemit, fictional writing. Is it fiction?

In my life, fiction has a definition that is like magic: once magic is understood, then it is science. It is no longer a trick or sleight of hand or a sorcerous conjuration – there is a theorem or law. Fiction is imagination applied to writing to create that that is not the real. Only what is real and what is not?

For Richer or Poorer

We travel through our lives and most of us spend our time making someone else very wealthy, then we die. On the other hand, do we die? Well I think we do, based upon many a personal experience. Moreover, since one attended funerals and seen relatives and others and as dead as lifeless can be, we know we die. Nevertheless, do we die?

Moreover, even though magic is fiction, is it? Why are some people so very rich and act with impunity and others are so very downtrodden poor. Is there such a thing as magic? Is there such a thing a thing as faith, acceptable acts of magic? Do the rich know magic? Do the rich know money magic? Do doctors know healing magic, and faith healers? Have you never seen that? One does and has done it, thousands of times. One does other things too.

No New Religion from Me

I am not starting a cult or a religion. No I am not. I hope what I write has a following. Every writer does but remember I am not starting a new religion because the old ones work. I will write mostly from the Christian-Judeo tradition because that is what I know but if you are in other religions, I hope you follow through with the magical acts of faith that follow because eventually you find out something. Were I to tell you it would spoil things like plot, surprise, denouements, theme. So should I tell you? What about suspense? If I told you, the suspense and the thrills would all be gone.

One debates before the actual work begins, fictionalized acts of real people and real spirits, and not hypothesized but experienced other worlds and dimensions, should this be published in NSFW? The work will not be for children, minors. No, any mother or parent of quality would not let their child read this book. One will not recommend children should read this book.

For one thing, this book will take the reader beyond the known or accepted, show things, acts that many think impossible, and some of the work will certainly contain horror. Some of the horror will be that your religion may not be correct. Your religion might be correct, your understanding of your religion may not be correct and one has met plenty of persons who are certain they are absolutely perfectly correct.

Something and Nothing?

One supposes this is the apple in your Garden of Eden. Then, we all have questions. If we have time, we wonder, how did something come from nothing?

Nothing and Something ## ©2020 Jeff Kubitz. All Rights Reserved. The Title of what you are about to read. So you know, I predicted the rise in the price of steem. I made a series of posts to verify my prediction. In my life as a named prophet, I have made many predictions, very precise predictions. There were many learning mistakes made by me. I am neither a proselyting prophet nor a preacher. Were it said best, I am a scientific prophet. Our task is to and too…and so it begins. Here you are now. Be entertained.