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Nothing and Something

The Magic of Faith


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Dedicated to Mom, Dad, Shelly, and to the duped because without them there would be nothing to write about and no need to write about it.


In many of the world’s major religions, happened recorded events called miracles, like all of them. Recorded history contains events and lives of people involved as heroes, villains, bystanders, witnesses, petitioners, and recipients of inexplicable help called divine. There is also the completely innocent and the unknowing.

Along with the recordings of the humans, there are also recordings of beings not from Earth. Those beings did not evolve on Earth. Celestial beings were neither created on Earth nor did they originate on Earth. Gene Coon was the editor for the Star Trek series and an uncle, a guess. Since he was at a family reunion and he was more comfortable with grandpa than with anyone else at the reunion and had the same last name. We were relatives. We talked about fishing and hunting while we drank coffee and nothing else, other than Gramps introduced him.

The interesting thing about Star Trek is that, if one looks at the show properly, many of those things in all those ancient religious texts begin to make a whole lot of sense from the philosophical perspective of a materialist argument and even from an idealistic argument.

The School of Athens

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According to a class in high school, World Religions, taught by James Passalaqua and a catholic, the English teacher – there are five world religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. As excellent as this class was, since then one discovered two more.

When we look at the photo above we see a painting by Raphael, a great Renaissance Artist, using fresco, which is stucco, Raphael painted Aristotle and Plato in an argument. Aristotle represents the materialist side of philosophy, which means there is matter and only matter. Following the historical path of materialist philosophy is the side of Marxism/Maoism, an academic discipline. Discipline is synonymous with the word religion. Therefore, logically we determine there are now six world religions.

But wait! There is one more thread of thought called evil. Evil rejects all above and has its own agenda. If you have never knowingly encountered evil, or members of an evil sect of an evil religion count yourself lucky. If you are such a person, that is a part of an evil sect, please remain secret, and do not reveal yourself. Either way, whether a practitioner of evil sects remains secret or not, there is the religion of evil and it is worldwide. Human history is replete with religions of evil, when they rose to ascendency, and ruled. People have blotted evil from their conscious and should you ever get involved and join – you will be evil.


If you are evil and this becomes a video game, if you choose to play the side of evil, my brothers often play evil in Warcraft; hopefully we will program the game so you always lose. After all, good triumphs over evil.

Evil is not always what a person thinks it is. Evil can be relative. In a war, usually personified as evil is the other side trying to win. Since the other side wants to kill your side, that they are evil makes sense. They are called the enemy and anyone on your side who wants them to win are traitors.

Evil is comprised of the enemy and traitors. Good is comprised of allies. Where life becomes fun and entertaining is when traitors, spies, and the enemy infiltrate your side. They remain secret. Operate clandestine. They are cloak and dagger. No one knows who they are but things go wrong that should not.

When you step into the world, unbeknownst to you, your religion, your country, and your town, where you live – evil has infiltrated and attempts to take control, force you to submit.

How can you spot the evil that has slipped into your happy world, taken over, and wants you dead?

Can you watch Star Trek, read the Bible and other religious works, and take a class at a certified institution of higher learning? Have you read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series? They are magnificent works of an apocalypse, where evil tries to take the universe. The world is all screwed-up, dying and so are the plants, animals, and people. The weather is insane. Disease spreads and devours the living. Pestilence rages. Things of myth and legend come forth, nightmares thought to have never existed. Beings of evil appear from seemingly nowhere and attack en masse.

Insert DADADS, Defense Asset Detect And Destroy System, Central Control System - redacted. Required Clearance - TS SCI SCA FYI FYEO

This is what evil looks like. An Arc, a circle, a wheel, a tornado, a vortex, why is it evil? Here is a photograph taken before February 22nd, of 2015. That is the day it went KABOOM! Thirty seconds later, again it went KABOOM! Seven days later for the last time, it went KABOOM! So evil is real. One introduces you to its face, or more precisely, one introduces you to - well you must read, up-vote, and be entertained to find out. Will good win?

Please Up-vote and Resteem! A down-vote means you have revealed yourself as evil. An up-vote means you have revealed yourself as good. A Resteem means you have a psychotic, uncontrollable urge to win!

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