Reflection of the Soul

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Thought I got pretty decent photos when I looked at these from my camera screen. Don't know what happened when I downloaded them from my camera to my computer because I don't think that anymore. Ordinary, not decent. I guess it's a virus. Every time I plug my camera to my computer, some "let's make this crap" code makes my good photos turn out bad. Would it help if I change my USB cable?


And turning them black and white didn't help. I blame my fingers. It's not me, not my brain, my fingers just make weird maneuvers with the mouse and keyboard so these still are only ordinary. Or perhaps it's my eyes? I just can't see how to improve these if there in the first place was anything to improve. Or salvage.

It's my eyes.


Have you noticed how much you get information of people by the way how they treat other people? Never mind that stupid saying how ones eyes reflect ones soul or some crap like that. I've always disliked people who say that. Beautiful eyes are like beautiful face. Just beautiful and tell nothing about persons character. It's the actions. Simple as that. The words and the actions backing those words tell what kind of person you are dealing with. Nasty words and nasty actions. Or sweet words but nasty actions.


And I've always silently laughed at common people, not professionals who have studied for years, who say they can tell if someone is lying by just looking at that other persons eyes. Misleading eye movements and other gestures are so easy to learn you know. Other people have read books and articles too, not just you. And some deceitful people use that very effectively in their lives to get things they want. Then there are those who just choose not to be anything else than themselves at that particular moment. What you think is lying might be something completely else. And then there are those who think it's just plainly rude to stare at someone. So they turn their eyes away. And then there's that person who immediately shouts: "They didn't even look at me in the eye!" Well, if you weren't so full of yourself, you would have noticed that they have looked at you several times, they just choose to do it more subtle.


Reflection of the soul my ass.

Should there be the word in in that sentence somewhere?


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