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Just walk away.

I guess you know by now what it looks like when someone wants something to themselves so bad, that they are willing to do anything and everything, ignoring the facts that in doing so, they destroy everything and eventually are left with worthless pile of shit because they've killed everything worth something around it. Everything that matters and what originally brought the value to the thing that that selfish person wants to have. Because it's valuable. But isn't anymore. Or is in the way there.

Some people just don't get it. With good deeds, not by force.

Stripes of shadow and light.

You go up, then you go down. You're in the light and then you encounter a shadow. Some things you achieve, some things you don't. Some things are always too far and some just too close so you're unable to realize that it's there for you. Some things are pretty simple and easy to do and then there are those things that you have to struggle with daily.

Life is funny that way.

Sleep little baby.

It's the short moment just before that pearl in your life that still is dependent on you, wakes up. You love your precious jewel, but you also do need some peace and tranquility for yourself. To be free. But when you have that, all you can think of is: "I don't want to leave." And you enjoy the short moment of silence. That moment when the illusion of you being in control of your own life, fulfills your whole mind and you honestly think that it's true.

And then the little rascal wakes up.

Reflections of people.

According to which vertical line am I supposed to straighten this? To the most ruling one? The one that rules them all? I tried that. Didn't seem right to me. Decided it's the door that let's people go as they please, in or out. All the other vertical lines are determined by their relation to the door. Isn't that the way how life is supposed to go? Not to depend on that one who is the most ruling but to the one that is the most versatile?

Fight for the ones that do not try to rule the world.

Where the streets are empty.

The streets sure are pretty empty now. Few lonely and kinda lost people walking out there. And we don't even have any restrictions to being out there. Other than with those people who are quarantined at home. I think most Finns have happily accepted the fact that now it might be a good time to stay home and work from there if you can. Unfortunate to the business owners like restaurants, but you have to admit, if a business goes down because of one to four weeks halt, was it founded on to a pretty unstable ground in the first place? No emergency funds? Too much costs that could have been avoided? Of course it depends on what the business does, but never the less, if a business goes bankrupt after two weeks, perhaps that wasn't a healthy business to begin with.

Still not going to hoard anything.


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Very poetic and yes, I agree on the business part. This is a wake up call for so many people who are in a stranglehold by the government.

Keep breathing


We have few coffee and restaurant owners here who just started and oh boy I feel really bad for them as Finland just got some restrictions that are supposed to start tomorrow. Like no more than ten people can get together. And other stuff. I hope they survive a month or two.

Keep breathing

You too. :)


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