Promises of light.

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Last year in February we was on a day trip to a fjord nearby called Efjord. This is a fjord surrounded of characteristic mountains. The sun is a few days away to be seen. In the meantime the sun make beautiful colours on the sky, and the calm sea reflect the sky.
This give a nice contrast to the cold winter landscape.


By the sea we also could see tracks from a fox and birds in the snow hunting for food.





If you like climbing is there a route up to the peaks on the mountain to the left. There are routes on both the left and right side on the mountain. However, that kind of activity is a little too airy for me.

Efjord a.jpg

Hope you enjoy the pictures from a cold and nice day of winter in northern Norway.

Best regards


Wow, beautiful, the snowy mountains and the sky is just beautiful, and I love that last shot with the little island.
Great photos of a stunning landscape Harald 😊

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Thanks again 😊

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Like scenery on another galaxy!! Thus can’t be on earth!!

😂 it is only 70 km away from home, still mother earth.

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Oh! You spoil all my imagination!! The pics were out of thus world!

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Thank you very much 😊

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Beautiful colors!
I just can not imagine how it feels to have such a long period of blue or golden hour, in my spot it is always a matter of minutes :)

Thank you very much. In the winter and the dark times is the positive thing that you don't have to get up early to see the sunrise and the sunset. It is a long golden hour 😊

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