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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

in OCD7 months ago

Hey, @tarazkp.

I was kind of surprised to see how the crosspost actually looks—essentially a post to a link of the original post.

I wonder why it is that way rather than acting more like a resteem, just within the community that it's crossposting too. Same post, different community.

It would make more sense to me if it carried the same upvote and amounts regardless of where it showed up (similar to the way it happens when you look at the tag it's in, or your blog feed—same post, same accumulative STU). Otherwise, I can see it creating far more problems than it actually solves, mainly for the reasons you cite.


If you look at it through Steempeak it looks like the normal post with a label, but the other interfaces haven't introduced it yet.

It can't carry the same values as it allows a post from years ago be shared again. I do not think people should use this on their own content however.

Eso mismo leí en una publicación de tu hermano. Vengo de regreso despues de más de un año fuera de steemit y me encuentro con muchos cambios que no puedo asimilar rapidamente. Pero.. ¿Cómo puedo cruzar una publicación? No tengo idea de cómo hacerlo. ¿Por qué quiero hacerlo? Bueno, existimos muchos steemians, principalmente de la comunidad hispana, que desconocemos tantas actualizaciones que han llegado. Yo publico desde steempeak, porque me parece fenomenal, sin embargo, batallo cada día en aprender cómo funciona. busco aprender lo que más pueda porque de esa manera puedo orientar a la gente con la que estoy en contacto cada día. Sería muy amable de tu parte si pudieras explicarme o dirigirme a na publicación dónde pueda leer al respecto.

I read that in a publication of your brother. I come back after more than a year out of steemit and I find many changes that I cannot quickly assimilate. But .. How can I cross a post? I have no idea how to do it. Why do I want to do it? Well, there are many steemians, mainly from the Hispanic community, that we don't know about so many updates that have arrived. I post from steempeak, because it seems phenomenal, however, I struggle every day to learn how it works. I seek to learn what I can most because that way I can guide the people with whom I am in contact every day. It would be very nice of you if you could explain to me or show me to a post where I can read about it.
Thank you.

Thank you for your post that's led to these discussions, I was going to quietly fumble through it all as it was confusing me somewhat, not having much time and zero techno know-how but now I understand how someone could share a post I wrote some 2 years ago, I was really puzzled by that!


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