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RE: The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

in OCD4 months ago

Oh ok, what a surprise that was as I felt I was a little comment-challenged this week. Bloody life is getting in the way if steem these days...I don't like it at all! 😁

Maybe someday I'll break into that second chart too...Gotta try harder I think, I don't think I ever made it in there.

Thanks for putting this together and we'll don't to everyone in the League!

All the best for the week ahead Asher.


Life and Steem look balanced to me - no point in winning the league by too many points!

RE: 2nd chart, you are unlikely to feature highly by voting one of my comments at 100%, but the action is much appreciated all the same :)

Congrats again champ!

Haha, ok, so...What if I bribe ya with a Mars bar? Then again, you're on a health kick so probably not... 🤪

I'd go for a snickers, but that's because it's the weekend - health kick on pause :)

Oh yeah, weekends are perfect for putting health kicks on hold. Just as it should be. 👍🏼

Although i do have all day for a bit of exercise and so I think it will happen at some point :)

Make it so. 😁

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