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It has been so many months since I last wrote a review that I have forgotten the format I used when I was doing it. And the reasons why I stopped publishing and writing some post, at first were because of saturation, I felt saturated from writing at least 4 posts of more than 1000 words per week, I thought I would stop writing at least for a month, but in the end it was more than 3 months, and as I said at first I had stopped writing because I felt saturated, but then that turned into just laziness for writing again. In fact, the post that I will review below I have been saving since December, but every week that passed I increased my laziness and my lack of desire to return to the same thing, however, these last two weeks, I wanted to do it again, to return to the old ways and to participate again in this gaming community that has given me so much. That's why today, after 3 months and little more (in fact, I think it's 4 months since my last publication), I bring a new Retro Review, which surely won't be up to the standards I used to do, but little by little I'll get back on my feet and improve once more on this.

Today's Retro Review is about: Kingsley's Adventure.


It's no secret that The Legend Of Zelda saga is a colossus in the video game industry. Over the years, this great title has known how to stay in people's collective memory, game after game, even with its failures and aspects to improve, it always makes people talk and at the same time brings a great adventure with new mechanics and history. When the first The Legend Of Zelda in 3D was released, it caused a great revolution in the gaming environment, a game that today is considered one of the best and most remembered by all the fans around the world, giving Nintendo even more recognition than it already had at that time. In a way, many companies and video game developers, seeing the success that Nintendo was having thanks to one of its most famous mascots, wanted to get on the "hype train" in such a way that they decided to make their own "The Legend Of Zelda". I think it's obvious to say that, many of these video games were quite mediocre, since, they only copied poorly what Zelda gave to its public, however, some other games, even though they weren't so spectacular, were really fun and very good, although without reaching the majesty that the Nintendo title came to have.

One such game is Kingsley's Adventure, brought to us by Sony and a good adventure game, clearly inspired by The Legend Of Zelda, which we could find on the old but beloved PlayStation 1.

Kingsley's Adventure, tells us the adventures of Kingsley, a little fox whose most desired aspiration is to become a knight, however, our charismatic protagonist lacks great fighting skills, but Kingsley's audacity and courage, are greater than his shortcomings and throughout the adventure we will see him gradually fulfill his mission.

Parallel to this, in the kingdom where the events of the game occur, an evil wizard has infiltrated the castle of the kingdom to steal a powerful book. Having said book in his hands, this evil wizard shows off his powers and turns a large part of the inhabitants of the kingdom into his henchmen, controlling them in order to cause terror throughout the territory. At this moment, despite his lack of experience, Kingsley, after proving himself capable of confronting this evil wizard, sets out on what will be his greatest feat: saving his kingdom and showing everyone that he has become a powerful warrior.


Kingsley's Adventure is not a game that stands out for its great graphic quality, in fact, in this aspect, if we compare it with the first The Legend Of Zelda in 3D, it is overshadowed by this one, however, in spite of that, it is a videogame that you really enjoy watching.

Kingsley's Adventure is quite a colourful game, because it is especially aimed at children, it was necessary for it to look like this to be as striking as possible. The world that has created this title is full of anthropomorphic animals, each representing an animal such as dogs, rats, insects and with special characteristics that make them recognizable even though in many of these designs you can see a lot of polygons, something very characteristic of the PS1.

The scenarios are quite simple, without much detail, but just enough to make them look not so bad, although with a greater amount of detail a better visual appearance could have been achieved.


There are really few adventure games that have a bad soundtrack, because many of the video games in this genre are known for this aspect, so it is necessary that they have many catchy tunes and that just by listening to the first chords, we immediately associate it with the title of the video game. Therefore, Kingsley's Adventure is going to have a good amount of tunes, which despite not being spectacular, do their job in a good way.

One aspect that didn't matter because of the time this game was released was that instead of voices in the characters, they communicated through sounds, without any words, and in order to understand what they were saying, you had to read the subtitles. This aspect was used in some other games of this style, maybe because the budget was not optimal to hire voice actors to personify the characters or simply they did it as a matter of "aesthetics", but what is clear, is that today using this resource is quite annoying to listen.

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The gameplay of Kingsley's Adventure is like many other adventure games, but perhaps with a level of difficulty due to the fact that "playably" this video game is a bit rough when it comes to controlling our character. Kingsley, our main character, has a lot of moves, like running, jumping, dodging, blocking attacks, but when we are going to perform certain actions the feeling that our character is very heavy even though he is quite small, is a little uncomfortable. Even though Kingsley is a fox and because of this we have the mental image that he could move quickly through the stage and platforms, it's the opposite, but this is due to the poor development in the gameplay of our character, so maybe many people will have a hard time adapting to Kingsley's movement, but once we have finished adapting, we are going to be in front of a video game that even though it doesn't innovate in anything, it is still going to give us some hours of fun.

4 months have passed since my last post, every week after my last publication always said "Next Monday I will publish again", but it was not like that. Currently the situation with Steemit is uncertain and even disturbing, however, I think I'm going to publish again with more desire and not only about video games, these last months I've seen a lot of series and movies that I'd like to talk about too, so to alternate a little with the subject of video games from time to time I'll talk about a movie or a series that I've seen or I'm currently watching.


Great to see you got your post up.
I played Sega until Sony came out . I used to play Nintendo at my cousins though. I never did get around to playing Zelda though.
I used to love playing Spyro on PlayStation 1 .
Until you try play to play an old game like a Alex the kid you forget how much controllers and gameplay has changed . A lot of the old games required a lot of skill just to play them once you got through the first few levels.
Anyways it was great to read about Kingsley . Sounds like you had a lot of fun playing.
Can’t wait to read your next review.
Have an awesome day!

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Thanks a lot, man. It's really a relief to be back to post. And well, regarding The Legend of Zelda, if you give it a chance I'm sure you'll like it, I recommend you to start with The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, it's the most classic recommendation.

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