Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why? Women to Power!

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This is a question that I asked myself some time ago and I stopped following some people, after analyzing many things, one of the things that I value the most in steem is the constancy of the user and his commitment to the platform and the communities, and I think that is what motivates me to follow some users from that moment, in these 2 years and a little bit more that I have inside steem, I have found exceptional users with spectacular content, but unfortunately at the moment that the value of the currency went down to the levels that it is currently, they simply ran away and from many I have not known more. So I think, it's better now to avoid them, and focus on those who continue to give us good content and consistency above all.

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I would have liked to name many here but I only have to give prominence to three exceptional authors, and I think I know who are the right ones, who in addition to having excellent content, have a commitment to the community and the platform that I have rarely seen in others, let's start.

This person is on the other side of the world, we have a totally inverse schedule, however and although I have managed to talk to her little, she has shown me a commitment to the platform and the communities she leads, which is really impressive, besides being one of the sweetest and kindest people I know, her publications are impeccable, and the dishes she shares with us always leave me hungry, this woman loves steem as much or more than I do, and how could I not follow her? She is @jaynie

She is witty, eloquent and has a genius of a thousand demons, but I love her personality, she is the perfect mediator and I love how she manages to calm the squabbles in the servers that she makes life, she is one of the fairest people I know within steem, and like me, she loves video games and although she says she is not professional she takes some spectacular photographs. She is the unicorn that makes life in steem and you can find her as @nelyp, someone explain me how not to follow her?

Wow the last position is always the most difficult, I can't decide, however I must name this woman, she has shown me her love for the platform, struggling with internet problems, problems with electricity (you guessed it, she's Venezuelan), she has even moved from town just to share her work, by the way, is very good, the characters he creates and the occurrences of each one of them is without a doubt his best letter of introduction, besides being a support to several communities in which he lives as a healer, and his willingness always to help those in need, the truth is that this woman is unique, she is @equipodelta

The truth is that there are many exceptional users that I follow, and they deserve to be in this post that even though they don't ask me I will take the liberty of naming some more, because I feel they deserve it, @birdinparadise this woman cooks like the gods, @traciyork I've been following her for a while but I love her content and her personality is beautiful, @papilloncharity this guy really knows how to do good things, and has a noble soul, we need more people like him in this world, @roadstories this guy is a love, I love his commitment to the community and the ability to never fall asleep on the grasslands, he is always active, @zord189 this guy really knows how to keep a community active, and makes some spectacular designs. @manoldonchev @robinsonlgil and @joanstewart always give me beautiful pictures, and I could go on for hours, but I don't want to bore them either.

I also want to thank everyone who throughout these two years and a little bit more I have followed, because from each one I learn something every day, and that is one of the things I love Steem, I never stop learning, and that is worth more than anything, at the end of our days it is the only thing we take with us. Thanks @theycallmedan for always creating these kinds of initiatives that keep the community active and united, at the end of the day that's what keeps our beloved Steem afloat.

If you want to know more about what this is all about, here, you'll see!

Thank you for taking the time to read this publication, if you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions, I would appreciate leaving it in the comments box, and remember, you can also do magic wherever you go!

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"A noble soul"? I am once again humbled here my friend.
Only doing what I wish so many others would, as we all have it in us.
Thank you for the kind mention and know that you are special.


Thank you kindly for this pleasant surprise my friend.
Blessings to you and your work!

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Thanks for these nice words, and thanks for continuing to do good and be so great!

You are also a very great person my friend and don't you ever forget that!
My pleasure to visit. ❤️

Dolor: sigues y mencionas a la nely esa y no a mi que somos de la misma tierra y llevamos dos años de interacción .i. . . . . (Lo malo de tener SP ni influencia /#estarenfuchao) . . .

Cuando sea yo una ballena ni menciones . . . .Porque te daré Flag XD

Ódiame: I love you


oh thank you sweetie!!! What a lovely shout out! It would be wonderful if we could find one another simultaneously awake so we could chat more hahahaha!!! And listen here.... your food is damn good too hey!!! MWAH!!!

This is a great compliment! Thank you for the love and dedication you have for the community, you are a love! I hope I can agree with you more. Kisses!

I love what I do for all of you.... because you are all such amazing human beings! MWAH!

Que lindo es tener a alguien a quien admirar. @jaynie is very special.

Bella, thank you so much for your recognition. My favorite witch. A big hug for you.

Thanks to you for creating great content and for the contribution you always make to the community!

hola amiga, las 3 que escogiste son geniales, me encanta tu seleccion

Hola @fmbs25 que bonito post, hiciste un homenaje a los que sigues muy bien argumentado.

Coincido contigo que en Steemit no pasa un dia que uno deje de aprender, quisiera tener mejor internet y electricidad para vivir conectada leyendo y votondo por todos. Tambien soy de Venezuela Saludos.

Powerhouseladies I guess