DARK ANGEL vs ZURDITA - Fight Highlights - SONY A7III + 50mm F1.8

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On the 6th of April 2019 I attended a boxing event held by The Classic Boxing Company at the Children's arena in Oshawa Ontario Canada.

This is not something I recommend doing with one camera If your intention is to get anything other than boring single angle footage or material for a highlight reel.

Kylie Dark Angel Fallis vs Johana Fernandez - was the first fight of the night. It was also the first time I had ever filmed anything boxing related - other than a training montage or a sparring session.

I'll be sharing more videos from the event in the coming weeks - As the night went on I became more comfortable and gained a better understanding as to how something like this should be shot.

Initially - I was there to film a fight for another Canadian Boxer - Bad Thad Ridsdill who I'm currently working on a documentary about - but shortly after arriving I decided to cover as much as I could.

This was shot on the Sony a7III using the sony 50mm f1.8 lens. I shot in a combination of 4k 24p and 1080 120fps - at times using the A7III's super 35 mode when I needed a bit of extra reach.

The song in this video is Pistols & Prayers by K. Sparks and it was found / licensed on Artlist.io

A huge thank you goes to Richard Perth (Richie Prince) for connecting me with the right people and helping me acquire a press pass for the event. I'd also like to thank Taylor Shane Bailey for assisting me on the shoot.

Much love E.


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